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I never used words to cover my flaws, but rather to reveal my soul.



All I Want for Christmas – The coolest night of arts

Mission Statement:
This is a yearly charity event intertwining various forms of arts with the purpose of creating a culturally diverse tapestry of thought-provoking expressions, up-close colourful emotions and positive in-depth gestures, leaving imprints of perduring essence in all the ensuing undertakings.

Some of Berlin’s coolest artists will gather together to present their witty pieces in an atmosphere of fun and good times to end the year on a long awaited and much needed positive note.

All profits of this event will be donated to the Child support and development programs to facilitate children’s access to clean water and education. Specifically, the creators of this event plan to help with the financing of water pumps to provide clean water for about 250-500 people in a disadvantaged village.

This is a multi-gender, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural event meant to bring joy and good times. Join us in this incredible beauty, share in the passion and help us perpetuate hope!

Live Acts:
Spoken Word

MC: Tyrone Stallone
DJ: Lauty

Artists in alphabetical order:

Abstrak Jaz (soul music)
Carmen Chraim (comedy)
Cedric Till (rap, hip-hop)
Denise Pereira (poetry)
Flor Khan (spoken word)
Izzy Choudhary (rap, hip-hop)
Joe von Hutch (comedy)
Jules Oakes (comedy)
Kevin Groen (spoken word)
Leander Jones (music)
Naniso Tswai (spoken word)
Soar (story poetry)
Soraida (dance)

Doors open at 7:30 pm

Entry donation: 7-10 euros (via PayPal in advance or at the door).

(Via PayPal: send 7 or 10 euros to with subject line All-I-want+Charity+Your-Name. You will be given a code to present at the door. The code can be transmitted to another person in case you cant make it to the event.)

Charity beneficiary: (Child support and development program Water pump project Water and Hygiene Theme)

An initiative by (c)Soar, soaring-words.
Curated by:, WickedProjects, Soul-in-the-City.
Hosted by: Engels Caf, Neuklln, Berlin.
Event link:

Epistles, Part I: He perspective


Can I call you?
I know it’s almost midnight and I know it’s been two years since Ive been silent and kept my distance but Ive been meaning to tell you things that I kept hidden in me and I need to do right by you. I want you to know that you’ve been in my daily thoughts ever since and that I have always respected your memory.
I want to tell you that Ive kept a diary and that you’ve filled my pages with all moods and modal phrasings of should have, would have, could have possibilities.
I want to tell you everything but can I start with what’s been weighing on me?
See last night I saw you by some serendipity, after two years of unseen eyes and voices, my heart pounded, waiting for you to draw near and it felt surreal. You attracted me like a universe pushing strongly, spinning, unwrapping dust clouds from seeds of reality, encapsulating everything and I lost control over my own being. So I had to get away, to escape from you somehow, because I knew that hugging you again would be the end of me.
Thats not cowardice, nor glib talking. Understand that my confession to you has to do with freedom, lack of choices, wishes, warranted fears and with the worth I always wanted to give you.
So can I call you?
I know that the first thing you told me back then was how much you hated the movie Bodyguard with that “I love you, but Ill leave you” line. I know that you write about love many times and that you honour this feeling with concessions and complete devotion and that you hate half measures. Just as much as you despise extremes pushing peacefulness and balance into the abyss of chaos and disruption. Rules are meant to be broken, exceptions reinforce the canons, but in your grammar books those asterisks are just accessories of adventures, growth and learning, never killers of what was built with essence and perdurance.
I know that you came to me with the kindest smile offering me friendship and I rejected it. I must have sounded flaky or too sure of my adamant convictions. But in truth, I was too hurt, too frustrated, too upset in my damnation to never be able to kiss you. See my life is intricate and you deserve no side chair to my table. See I am not free, nor do I want to make compromises with something I want only mine and mine alone to breathe every time your lips would shape our unity. I was too bitter and I deprived myself of your eyes; eyes which haunted me ever since with the doomed taste of punishment.
How many times did I want to run to you and leave everything behind? How many times I rejected you the second after, just to have you grow inside of me like a hidden secrecy of the ultimate intimacy? Your power is addictive and I must confess that your intensity scares me. And thats what I fear the most, as I am not used to happiness and I dont know how to honour such gift.
Yet do you think that we can talk for just a couple of minutes?
I am not trying to play the proselyte just to see whats on the other side, but precluding your right from my life has abashed all those Sisyphean attempts to reach my top, or just the path I still patch with hopes and trials.
I know actions speak louder than words but sometimes words are essential when they disclose the bearings of our souls. I need to talk to you, make it right by you. Its been too, long too much stifling of the truth and too much denial of you. I miss you. Ive followed you from a distance and even though I hardly wrote a Happy Christmas, I was there with you, in all your accomplishments and failures in my absence.
Ever since I gave you that first hug on that summer night where I could feel your eyes from the opposite side and I can still remember all the details of your hair strands, it was clear to me that I will be forever different, that you claimed a place within, which I cant even label, except for the acknowledgement that is meaningful. I can’t go on like this for Im consumed with both the absence and the belonging of you.
Does this make any sense to you? Perhaps one day I can explain in better words or maybe just one hug to send me straight to hell, for I deserve no paradise.
But for now, can I just call you?

(c) Soar, 2019. Picture credits: Shape of my heart, National Museum, Port of Spain, Trinidad. #soar, #soaringwords, #storypoems, #shortstories, #humanvalues, #life, #hope, #love.

Soul Diary Performances in Amsterdam

Some of the pieces performed at the #WordUp and #Outspoken Events, in Amsterdam, @Doka Venue: “The letter”, “The Diary”, “Ms. Love and Mr. Politics”.
Thank you to @Evelina and @Ennio for organizing two great events and to everyone who has been a part of it! It’s been an enriching, uplifting experience!

These are some of the pieces performed at the #WordUp and #Outspoken Events, in Amsterdam, @Doka Venue:

The letter, The Diary, Ms. Love and Mr. Politics.

Thank you to @Evelina and @Ennio for organizing two great events and to everyone who has been a part of it! Its been an enriching, uplifting experience!


(Also thank you to the boat guy, the Spanish waiter teaching me about Pinchos, while forgetting to charge me 3 euros (!!!) for a small water, the super-big-and-very-serious bouncer who finally smiled, the crazy Moroccan driver who brought me back in one piece, and lastly to my beautiful Berlin friends accompanying all of my curiosities about a city of all possibilities, hidden and displayed, upon conveniences.)

Picture credits: @Colina at @Doka Venue.

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