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I never used words to cover my flaws, but rather to reveal my soul.

Distance – a story poem

Same heart. More love. Undoubted hope. Selected for final screening at the Film Poetry Festival and the International Poetry Festival, 2017-2018.

Love for Children – Annual Charity Event by Soar, 2017


Thank you to everyone who stood by my side in my initiative to help children through my poetry in 2017. We did not manage to raise the right amount for the well (sigh), but we purchased schoolbags for children in need of education instead. Words matters. Gestures bring meaning. Love wins.
Thank you so much everyone!

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Soar at “TIME is Love – International video art program”


I am very happy to announce that I will be part of the “TIME is Love Screening – International video art program, 11th Edition (February- December 2018) at galleries, institutions and festivals worldwide.”

This is great news, thank you so much to all those who supported me!

In faith and hope,

Soar Soaring-Words

*”TIME is Love Screening – International video art program – announces the official list of participants of the 11th Edition (2018) at galleries, institutions and festivals worldwide. Time is love screening is a video art cycle that travels to the largest cities in the world exploring the theme of love in difficult times of life. Love stripped of its traditional clichs and timeless idealism. These works address the complexity of human relations regardless of language, individual sensitivity or collective history. The programme proposes a reflection on revolutions, borders and customs in our modern society.”

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