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I never used words to cover my flaws, but rather to reveal my soul.

Waterpump subsidized with art

Urkunde Unicef 2019 AllIWantforChristmas-page-001

To those who helped with a share, with a word, with an ad, with sponsoring, to the artists’ collective of poets, singers, comedians and dancers who performed, who applaused, who incentivized, who worked hard, to BerlinInternational whose students and academic staff sold cookies to help us out, to WickedProjects constantly by my side….WE MADE IT! Because of you, 250-500 people will have access to clean water, perpetually (my special, favourite word to use). There are not enough words from me to you to simply say THANK YOU, for believing in my initiative and for making my dream come true! Art matters, love matters!❤️

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