Soar Literary Work

In our life's journey, sometimes we lose ourselves in a soft breeze, a sparkling drop of dew, a grain of sand, or the tender caress of sunshine, but strengthened by time, we perceive the origins of the universal elements within the depths of our souls.

Into Earth, Wind and Fire

Poems on Love and the Universal Elements Continue reading

Soar makes her literary debut with a book of poems about emotions and love. Using multiple layers of metaphor and simple to complex language, the author renders a soulful presentation of the merging of passion with the eternal universal elements into a final expression of love.

As deep forests, energetic rivers, whirling winds, and sun-drenched skies –feelings are depicted in fine detail, following the universal cycle of birth, rise, climax and fall to find rebirth in the light of hope and wisdom.

The message of “soul and love” emanating from every page is what the author identifies with, in her long, crystalline “course towards the deep blue sea of eternity” until she finds within herself the gems of the values she has been seeking.

A book to read. A book to feel.

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