Poetry is…

Poetry is beautiful
It graciously veils feelings
While mirroring them boldly
Silent words coming to life, always differently
At the end of their meaning
Grasped by stranger eyes
Who label them with own experiences

Poetry is like a melody
Putting emotions in notes, articulated soulfully
While the stave is forgotten in its theory
It’s like fashion in trend with heartbeats
Displaying a hot attire with elegance
Seen as a piece unique for its tailored creativity
With no need for further accessories

Yet, I am no poet and claim no right to be
Nor do I fashion words for pastiche melodies
I purely search inside of me to find your meaning
And feel your image in the rhythms of a symphony
Words begetting passion inside of me
Music voicing the pace of my breathing —
You are poetry. You are beautiful.

(Soar, July, 2011. www.soaring-words.com. No liability over the picture. Picture credits: inkandquillconsulting.com; fashion.wikia.com/wiki/; hndfzk.co.tv/)

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