Reflections of life in 10 minutes

10 minutes of life?
someone tagged them with a price
given for a flight, a stop or just an in-between pause
and then your mind runs to catch up for the loss
while your heart stops to feel the preciousness of seconds
in a gentle smile holding your hand
right there at the gate –
between the flight and stop
where you remain as well, price paid, heart out,
holding on tight
to the remaining smile weighing inside
with years of treasures upon your memories
while 10 minutes ironically
before a gate
a meaningless tag, with nothing to lose
or gain
for you keep the beauty of such breathings
in the safe clock of your existence
pacing one smile to embrace at any gate of life
while flying above the skies or staying on the grounded path of
Reality —
purposely giving the most beautiful feeling
of a one-of-a-kind meaning.

(Reflections of life in 10 minutes, Soar, January 2012. No liability over the picture. Picture credits:

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