The Leaf

like a leaf upon your scenery
transformed into a page from your thick book of memories
a sheet you’d rather skip
out of quandary feelings with swirls of care within
a page bearing your sign, with captions loyal to your spine

like a chapter rewound in my mind
to read by heart, while forgetting the heart inside
you were hardly mine, while I was yours for so much time
my feuilleton of life…too fragile before your smile
I changed my shelf to breathe the same dust from your library

like a book in the palms of space and time
parsed at their whim and still, with contents of feelings well bound
a story amenable to change, there, where desires would escape
from definitions still keeping our eyes apart —
who holds the copyright over the touch of these two hearts?

future and past
you can’t rewrite the latter, yet will you read the first?
sometimes one leaf would keep a tree alive
most of the time a book read twice emanates new scents around
should your eyes search for the spring in the expanse of my lines —
my page, captured by your sign, your book, opened in my heart.

(The Leaf, Soar, February 2012, Image and text copyright protected. Republished by the Enigma Magazine, London, UK)

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