Untamed Love

Untamed love

Picturesque word, with countless symbols beyond your form
You?re 3 on the social pyramid, below self and divine praise to attain
Serendipitous event through reality and its escapism
You stem from the need to beget the purest sympathy
Into a collage of sentiments weaving earthly destinies.

You?re surreally perceived within space framings
A lush endearment to senses, looking like impassioned poetry
Tinted with vivid hues to each pair of eyes shaping you
Yet so simply the same in the vistas of our existence
Giving a corporeal contour to inner desires and wishes.

Upon time?s wheel, you feel textured with an angelic theme
Sounding like music strings, orchestrated from within
Transcribing undeciphered rhythms into human heartbeats
You decant seconds and centuries with unique skills
For the breather of our relinquished murmurings.

Elusive muse, you?re an enchanted challenge of all arts
Complex beauty springing from a well of mysteries
A translucent gem of space and time
Harmonious yung bringing dusk and dawn in balance
Giving an aim to our peregrine path: your magic – the quintessence of life.

(Soar, In the Palms of Space and Time, Mediabook incl. CD, 2012. Republished by Decanto, The Poetry Magazine/Anthology, London, UK, August 2012 Issue)

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