“The Heartfelt Fifth Dimension” – interview for the German “M?rkische Allgemeine” newspaper, November 2012.

The Heartfelt Fifth Dimension

(Translation in English)

Cristina Marongiu writes poems about love and other beautiful, important values of life

From Romania, through Italy and Bodensee to Havelland: Cristina searching for her place.

Mirror. The sound of this Italian word fascinated Cristina from the moment she heard it: specchio (IT), Spiegel (DE). Back then, Cristina was still living in her home country, Romania, but her love for foreign languages was something that she had already discovered and pursued by herself. “I wanted to learn about the world and the people”, she said.[…]

Mirror. “It sounded so nice to my ears”, relates the attractive 30-year old in a graciously incorrect way using the German word “ringing” instead of “sounding”. She speaks German very well, but not as well as the other languages she studied, with which she earns her living.
Educated in bilingual schools, she took intensive English classes from native speaker teachers while in Romania. She studied foreign languages in her homeland but also in France and England. […] She lived for 10 years in South Germany and now her heart settled up north.
“Good friends had spoken enthusiastically about Berlin, about how great and convenient it would be”, she relates in her passionate, quick and lively way. But she didn’t like the city that much. It was too big, too loud. “So many traffic lights”, she says, “did they move all Germany’s traffic lights to Berlin?” She then drove through a small area nearby […] with houses and tall trees and there it was the promising place. “We loved it from the start.”[…]

As there is little room for feelings in her job, she has found another place for them. Cristina writes poetry under the artistic name of Soar. The rise, the soaring, the freedom – these are emotions which move her. She writes mainly in English and two books have already been published. Following “Into Earth, Wind and Fire”, her second book “In the Palms of Space and Time” has recently been released.

In her writings, she depicts the portrait of her soul and, in any case, it’s always about love. Through her messages she encourages the readers to introspection and reflection in the pursuit of harmony and bliss. Her new book is also accompanied by a CD with the recital of her own poems, while her photography portrays the beautiful young woman in an emotional and sensuous way. Their accompanying texts anticipate what there is to discover throughout the poetry. The poems reveal the space and time as “the four-dimensional continuum of the universe, regent over life and humans.” The poetess adds to these a fifth dimension: the dimension of love. Thus, time and space become enchanted by the veil of love.[…]

Her favourite German word is passion (Leidenschaft). And through it, Cristina discovers and releases her poetical side as well.
WWW: www.soaring-words.com

(Article written by Marlies Schnaibel, for M?rkische Allgemeine, Culture Section, Nov. 26th. M?rkische Allgemeine is a German newspaper with over 400,000 readers, which together with ?Frankfurter Allgemeine? and ?Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung? cover the regions Brandenburg, Berlin, and further 6 North-Eastern regions. Statistics source: SPRECHERHAUS?, Medien. No liability over the logo. Logo source: www.maerkischeallgemeine.de)

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