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I never used words to cover my flaws, but rather to reveal my soul.

Yearly Archives: 2012

A poem…

A poem is the moulding of a hand with the sparkles of the eyes, through the silent speech of the ears, but essentially, it is how a soul smells like. A poem in truth is a flower in bloom with … Continue reading

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Reflections of Bodensee

Reflections of Bodensee There is a place where water kisses the earth Cushioning with faith white streams upon earthly sheets It?s where space hails from no form While time stands still in awe holding on to the universe It?s a … Continue reading

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On the occasion of a literature project contest, the Poem ?Smiles? was published in the Literature Section of the BD? Federal Association Magazine (1st July, 2011 issue). Thank you BD? Germany! SMILES You see smiles pass by, sojourners of your … Continue reading

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When love is away

Silent love crying out loud its essence letters from echoing inner strings in a deaf scenery. Rupture…of time in heart, encaged in feelings, while too extended to the outer world, with its display of futile multi-hand framings. Uselessness…of space, afar … Continue reading

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Poetry is…

Poetry is beautiful It graciously veils feelings While mirroring them boldly Silent words coming to life, always differently At the end of their meaning Grasped by stranger eyes Who label them with own experiences Poetry is like a melody Putting … Continue reading

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To write or not to translate…poetry?

Writing poetry is like painting feelings freely upon a white canvass longing for your array of colours to caress and mould its bare surface with your own form. Translating poetry is like sweating with skills upon the shapes of a … Continue reading

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When our stories become ?tales? and when we give our feelings the appropriate ?magic?, then we can make ?fairy-tales? of our lives Once upon a spring There was a young boy who met a girl On a prairie, just below … Continue reading

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“I am the mountain springs that run in energetic flows towards destiny’s aim, I follow the stars of hope and give them my mirror to reflect their glow, I fight against hard rocks and gather precious shells with pearls, I … Continue reading

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“I look at you with deep desire and wonder what you are made of: scent or fire? If you are scent, my soul is a flower, if you are fire, my soul will burn for being poked, if you are … Continue reading

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“You’re undefined, a life companion of my heart: without colour or shape, you’re the translucent air following my passion’s flows, trying to change my course, yet hoping to gain my form. You feed me with your energy and spoil yourself … Continue reading

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“The universe has placed you right beside me from the start of time: you magnetize my pole, shaping my rivers with your earthen casts, you are the garden of my falls, the earth prince claiming my springs upon his lands … Continue reading

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Have you ever taken a walk in the woods with destiny hand in hand?

A walk in the woods I didn’t know this path you took me back on Deplete with unsure traces, yet infinite, like the sinuous ways of Future While walking hand in hand with past And bashfully pledging with present for … Continue reading

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Prologue Mediabook “In the Palms of Space and Time”, 2012

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Decanto to welcome “Untamed Love”

One of the many poetic shapes from Soar‘s new Mediabook, In the Palms of Space and Time is hosted in the August issue of Decanto, The Poetry Magazine/Anthology, Masque Publishing, UK. Thank you! Untamed love Picturesque word, with countless symbols … Continue reading

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Mediabook Release

“This is not only a new book, nor just a new product, this is much more: In the Palms of Space and Time, there is love and there is life!” (Soar) The new Mediabook is a refined combination of sound, … Continue reading

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