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I never used words to cover my flaws, but rather to reveal my soul.

Yearly Archives: 2013


If you find something precious on your path, hold on to it for life! *** TWENTY (Poem) twenty drops of blue until I found you lying in the depths of my inner faith silent and constant, just like time, passing … Continue reading

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Poetry Fan of the Year 2013

“I believe that if you touch one heart, you have reached an entire life.” (Soar) This young lady, of only 18 years old, from Calarasi, Romania, is my poetry?s fan of the year 2013. Beautiful coincidence with today?s Romanian national … Continue reading

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“Love For Unicef”- 2013

In 2012, with our ?Love for Unicef? initiative we saved 625 children against the deadly malaria and tetanus diseases. Please help me this year as well in supporting the Child Survival and Development Program, by Throughout the entire month … Continue reading

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(Poetical thought) from the tumult of my life I reach to you and see your scar It cuts me open and suspends me in your air Like perfume?s fine particles sprayed into one?s hair They smell, but are they felt … Continue reading

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On mango and chocolate

…should you ever think to pause your kisses and regale your lips to surfaces I say kiss me for you know my breathing as the sound of your mute yearnings while I have memorized your sighs of pain and pleasure … Continue reading

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The sweetness in an apple

(STORY) – Grandpa, please tell me one of your stories again. Can you make it nice, just like the last one? – Sure I can, sweetie pie. I can make it just as sweet as you are. This time I … Continue reading

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Find me, digitally: -)

Finally digitally, virtually, my downloadable app-friendly works in your extended network:-) ?Into Earth, Wind and Fire?, eBook download: Amazon Apple iTunes ?In the Palms of Space and Time?, mp3 download: Amazon Apple iTunes Thank you for the clicks and downloads. … Continue reading

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New York in keywords

A puzzle in search of smiles; you need to bring a lot of heart along to shine from downtown Brooklyn to Manhattan uptown. Pacing, running, standing?Grand central station where every rush is in slow motion. Spoken words and singing talents … Continue reading

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(POEM) It?s a she disguised in beauty walking around stealing the destinies of innocence who never learned to safeguard dreams while she has refined techniques of blandishment smiling, to the ridicule of senses, and then she turns and whispers to … Continue reading

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(POEM) Up on a ladder of rays where destiny plotted my stay I saw your eyes suffusing my light into something undefined, stopping my flow for a moment of eternity, elapsed in a smile on your face – room for … Continue reading

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Well of Destiny

(POEM) At the well of destiny the impostor of dreams met the conceiver of beliefs and shook hands for the same length of their intent: to gain volume on their glass of sand and have patience mould some stars in … Continue reading

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“Fire” Prologue, “Into Earth, Wind and Fire”, 2011

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Painting of you

Painting of you (POEM) They call you muse in Greek mythology And a heart’s fall in the contemporary world I call you wonder and put my faith to work On your canvas with my art Where clouds acquire hues of … Continue reading

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Colours of Love

Colours of Love (POEM) I was lying between heart paces On the maze of sonic memories When your eyes up close rendered sublime my senses Like perfumes of blossoms over butterfly wings And then, I followed. Where to start, should … Continue reading

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Remember (POEM) Will you forget about me When newcomers taste desire from your lips And past sweethearts arouse your senses With leftovers of bitter-sweet reminiscences? Will you remember my eyes In nights with only truth and spirits beside Trying to … Continue reading

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