Painting of you

Painting of you


They call you muse in Greek mythology
And a heart’s fall in the contemporary world
I call you wonder and put my faith to work
On your canvas with my art
Where clouds acquire hues of dawn
Affectionately oranged, blued in hope
And detailed by passion dots into a portrait
Rediscovered there, on the grass of life
Where I wait for you to be reborn
Out-caged by your doubts and ghosts
Inside my prison of freedom
Made out of smooth and wild accents in each brush tip
Or emotional imprints
I couldn’t convey more than with my own words
I couldn’t reveal better than with your traits
Which my being recreated
For us both
To never forget while riding the trivial boat
The colours which nourish
Esse quam videri
Within reality.

(Soar, April, 2013, No liability over the picture. Picture credits: Monet, Impression Sunrise,

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