Up on a ladder of rays where destiny plotted my stay
I saw your eyes suffusing my light
into something undefined,
stopping my flow for a moment
of eternity,
elapsed in a smile on your face –
room for my fantasy to chase
there, in the warmth of your hand,
keeping me safe from falling
down to earth again.

The scenery flees
without asking for orientation preferences,
north and south lost their memory
and I believe the centre of the universe to be
inside that hand holding mine
growing at a thunderous speed,
keeping my dreams
close to your skin
I dare not touch
for the respect of souls we bear inside.

Have I told you I am slow of sparks
and deeper in the embers I shelter from harm?
I cannot climb with instincts and assumptions as ally;
the dance I learned
comes from fairy-tale books
and I know nothing of the moves
with ballet shoes undone;
I need more time to contemplate
you, inside out
and reach to you on the tiptoes of faith I emanate.

But you, you?ve already advanced within the dance
like furious deluge,
over a sultry spring in nature?s quietness
you need to see and smell again;
no time to rest, you?re counting our breaths
in looks and smiles and gestures you compress
in signs of trust?or is it lust?
As though the universe will perish soon
without the bliss of our unity
I am too bewitched to see.

So I step back,
my heart still in the hand clutching your sweat
for I?m impetuously falling for your melody,
which I?ve been singing ever since I was a child
and now the notes are here, in front of me,
all over your face searching for my poetry
I am still unable to recite
until I know the essence of such symphony
and learn as well the silence pacing your being.

Maybe I inflame our magnetism
or you are moved by a girl?s philosophies
I?ll close my eyes and let fate decide;
if we were one in another time
we?ll always reunite
under different moons and suns
within the same bloom of hearts;
for now, my future love, let?s lie down a while
and watch from the ladder of our spark
the universe conspire – you and I.

(Picture credits: Giulia Marongiu)

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