New York in keywords

A puzzle in search of smiles; you need to bring a lot of heart along to shine from downtown Brooklyn to Manhattan uptown. Pacing, running, standing?Grand central station where every rush is in slow motion. Spoken words and singing talents in the corners of colored spaces. Lights, passers-by and sun, park of beauty and statue of statuses. Empire state of love watching over swarming souls. Fruit?sweet and juicy, mangos favorites. Here chocolate mingles with caramel. Sneakers, brands and Broadway. The three colors of passion, pure and true perpetuate in dens and mansions. And an angry bull imposes strength at the gate of finance. Running through the subways with dreams to stay. Longer. Soon. Paramount grandeur and precious details. My one-of-a-kind remembrance, my same love with a new suitcase♥

(Soar, 2013. Picture credits and source: private)

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