On mango and chocolate

…should you ever think to pause your kisses and regale
your lips to surfaces
I say kiss me
for you know my breathing
as the sound of your mute yearnings
while I have memorized your sighs of pain and pleasure undefined –
when you close your eyes
and I reach horizons within your arms
or you abandon thoughts and measures to the gate of my caresses
it’s when you confide with life upon my rock of care and trust
oh, we are so defined!
That outer world can’t break us now
with any crack of haunting past nor present over you in rush;
and every time I wander
every inch of your life presence
with traces of love close to your essence
and wait for your surrender in my meanings
it’s like mango falling for chocolate
like musiq playing your love is king in harmonies
or fashion running for poetical freedom
with happiness sprouting from our symbols
little things without promises
just souls of given word and mates of destiny
you and me.

(On mango and chocolate, November 2013, Soar)

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