If you find something precious on your path, hold on to it for life!




twenty drops of blue until I found you
lying in the depths of my inner faith
silent and constant, just like time, passing
through mirrors of spaces I meant to escape to
pledging with stars at night to guide my compass for new sights
which brought me again to the same spot of past
your smile, engendering wonders in my eyes
my laughter, so fresh, as a child reconfirming innocence
nothing has changed, except…your hair is more grey,
my lips a little sadder than back then,
and our worlds refilled with newcomers…to stay;
how can we start, even continue
something we have always had? ?-
a fire I made from your candid sparks
and was stolen by time, in its rush to grow us up
as adults, putting our souls aside
to concentrate on minds,
their tasks and rules to abide by,
time failed, and here we are,
smile beside smile,
with embers kept for life
?destiny?, I whisper, ?chemistry?, you swear;
the more I look into your eyes, the more I fall
there, where I belonged,
in your arms I missed so long
and put aside as memory untouched,
for I was afraid to take hurt with me along,
and brave to carry your love in my thoughts,
with the gentle reminiscence of all your jokes
which had painted my world;
you remained within
and rekindled the universe
with all that we could have been
in chocolate and lips,
endearments, sultry unveilings —
sweetening duties,
you, me and our unwritten pact of sincerity,
our blue sea,
deeply authenticated
with laughter and care as annexes,
transforming twenty threads of time in seconds
of heartbeats, soaring through air
that your regrets and sorrows try to repair
in a fast train of homecoming
where it all started,
with you, holding my hand,
precious disrupter of silent feelings
always, in your dreams,
where I am your queen
and you are pampered by my wishes,
while we still remain reality
and keep smiling at the same thought —
we?ll hold on.

(Soar, 2013, ?

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