Sonnet-like poem

I never liked rules and constraints in my poetry…I let it run free as it wants towards the corners of eyes and hearts it feels to indulge. This is my very first (and last) sonnet, where rhymes, theme, plot, shape and rhythm need to have a precise order and rule…


To redefine you in other lyrical forms
Cast in grey rituals of grand ancient plays
It?s like taking the gist of an outspoken soul
To lay bare the same footprints of your way
I know the paints by heart, yet drawing is too difficult
With you holding the blues of wavering hues,
Misting the dawn from its purport
While I use trust, patience and chocolate as muse
The scenery flows with six-dimensional feelings
Same care, rippling meanings of tomorrows
You watch confused the practice of my preaching
For it?s your well of ?free? and ?happy? that I colour
So that each morning of hope or stumbling night
You can redefine the truth of you and I.

(Soar, 2014, ?

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