The Unicorn


There he goes, wild and kind
Running free on open fields
His own passion to grasp
To the end of significances and back
At confines to stand out
Eyes to bewilder, feelings to wake up
In pain or broad grins
Like a squire of love, flaunting a blade of two sides.
There is something exotic to foresee
Maybe in the stout figure with black eyes
Surely in the contagious freedom out of a continent?s mark
In the life of a Pi, with no rules but the sky.

I wonder if you fancied your stars
In times of hated deserts with wolves to dance around
And if, among your prances, you saved for them true kisses
Like cinema paradise.
For I was afraid to ride
When I approached your mane of fire
And showed you innocence, entangled in courage
With only the skill of confidence as knowledge;
You gaze at me out of your heartbeats? stampede
Roaring like lions in fierce defeats
Hungry for more in your sweetest fights
You pause and whisper: ?Love me, start now.?

(? 2014, Soar. ?Yours, poetically?. Special Deluxe Edition of Poetry and Quotes in two Tomes. Drawing credits: A. Maiorescu)

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