I run through the woods to find part of my soul
Left with you a long time ago
You’re still at the brink of my wandering, waiting,
In your hand with my serenity
And my completeness on your lips
I fell in desire with;
I struggle through winds and leaves
Feeling for your clearance, my peace,
Further away, where I aim
Through earthy callings for my name
Duping my heart in games.
You smile and let lessons of life confront my light
Ready to hold me should I ever fall down
I cross diaphanous forms to see the prelude of suns –
Your eyes
Contouring what the world can?t define
Something that my poetry has pledged to glorify
Against blades hurting its drive
For it’s long and tiresome
To be one without you around
To move forth when everyone turns back
And to smile every time I cry
In the fight of the truth against disregards
But at the end of flows and frowns
Fate whispers to my life
That wars love noble outcomes
That pieces of soul need to reunite
Storms the quiet nights
And you to be mine.

(Soar, 2014, ? www.soaring-words.com)

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