When our thoughts touch
we raise fire every time and universes stop, afraid not to burn out
then we give reason ground and indulge waters to settle down
until storms give in, once more, in the mix
with passion inside,
that always survives,
and next time around will conjure from the same unquenched source
the flicker of warmth, the sparkle of hope
the flame which bonds
anew our thoughts bespoke
from unbanned dreams to the flavor of wishes
like diaphanous magnets, depolarizing earths
with too much energy pouring from you into me
while skies and soils bow
before the justice
of the eyes and hearts refound
longing to intertwine,
bursting with laughter and tears –
boldly conspiring with destiny
to win against biases and fears
and reunite what was always meant
to be one.

And there, between volcanoes and floods,
amid fantasies and truth
from the prelude of us
I save embers and dew
and wait for you
to be mine.

(Soar, 2014, ?

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