Note Story

This is the story of a note from a boy to a girl, written a very long time ago, when love was courted with smiles, when experience was platonically attired and when sharings were limited to blushing, quotes and songs. The unsure handwriting confessed:

I would lie to you if I told you that my body loves you, but I dont lie to you when I tell you I love you in a special way that only those like me can understand. I hope you do too.

No one knows the ending of this story, but it was remembered that the girl did not understand the boys secret affection, almost slapped him in the moment when the kiss was meant to flourish (she had a thing about slapping boys in such particular moments) and that the boy was too mature about his immaturity, or too proud for loves modesty.

So she didn’t meet him when he came out of the military. Yet, years after, when she heard on the line of a phone I should have never let you go, she understood the meaning of that note.

And when they both realized the chance was passing them by, they decided to never say good bye. Maybe thats why no one knows how the story ends…because it doesn’t have one.

It will go on, if only to let us know that if love doesn’t give us anything at all, at least it stays, just to regenerate from dusk to dawn. Always.

A story about redemption and hope.

(Note story, Soar, 2014. Picture source: private.)

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