Like Rain


Outside the rain pours down with memories
within, where all the tears dried out;
his kiss shelters the best corner of her feelings,
where she keeps the flow of its imprint,
the essence running through her veins,
becoming one with the pulses of her breathing;
yet she remembers he was different
when her eyes first gazed at him
and he was playing the card of their chance to win
something they never defined
for silence spoke to them recurrently?
she, enthusiasm of heart,
he, the soother of the nights,
together, even when afar,
to prove in care what is closest to a smile,
losing track of moments
when they forgot to measure the size
of the room where habits and newness mixed up
and love took over the corner of confidence;
there she awaits him,
keeping his faith in her hand
like an unused perfume
she doesn?t want it to evaporate
but rather herald with it the theme of spring
in the landscape of their significance,
where hope is dancing on the ceiling
and art has put its sisters to work,
decorating the walls
with little things ? his favourites
and her deep gestures of beauty.
Her eyes frame the rain again
which shivers on the pane of purity,
abundantly bleeding with past before her senses,
which she won?t let infiltrate
within the tenderness she keeps for him,
close to the embers and a tea
she prepared late in the night,
for his return
so that it makes a dawn out of her life,
or simply win over the drops outside,
like a magician of her happiness
who draws a rainbow on the same spot,
where the rain had cried and longed each time
for him to come back.

(? Yours, poetically, Soar, Epubli Berlin, 2014)

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