I am normally silent about my own views and choices on the matter but this right here got me started:

Copyright remains with the author, but XXX reserves the right to have entries performed at the Festival, on radio, TV, or stage, published on the internet, in an anthology or used for publicity purposes at any stage in the future.


While I highly respect all editors for their work to put the poor writer in a better light and shape, heres something about my own ethical practice:



1. Any new piece of my work is shared, through my website and pages, first with my public who has been supporting me from the very start in this 6-year long artistic road! Its about the ones cheering, applauding, supporting, and especially encouraging, every time and all the time.

2. The editor can choose to acknowledge or not my (see point 1) submission, but cannot have my priority or exclusivity! The reason why I choose not to submit to those who have such requests in their guidelines. Note: if any of my work is unpublished yet it means I am not happy with it and I am still working on it 🙂

3. You are not allowed at any time to use my work without my consent in advance. I have the right to agree/disagree with your offer to publish my work, depending on the content of your magazine/show/festival. Its not because Im picky, but because I write for a certain purpose and to render a specific message to the world that is not to be altered by your visions.

4. If you want to complete your programs/festivals/shows with my work in my absence, there is a thing called royalties. A matter of respect.and law.

5. I will not respect the layout guidelines, ridiculously different from one editor to another. Not because I did not read your instructions (I always do!), nor because am lazy about wasting time on peculiar layout desires, but because its the content that should matter, not the package. And if the work is good, single-spaced or double-spaced should be irrelevant.

6. I have the right to decline (which I already did), any editor disregarding/ignoring/altering the sweat of my own collaborators such as: designers, animators, video editors and photographers who know me much longer and better than the editor and put their sweat at my service to make my work reachable to the public. I understand I may lose a great opportunity working with you, but I am sure you understand that I respect and trust the work of my fellow artists whom I choose to represent me. My submitted work is a single package: take it or leave it smile emoticon

7. I understand that I am not the Beyonc of songs nor the Bukowski of words, but my fame is really my public and the editor in my case is simply a one-to-one collaborator. Lets keep the respect and modesty on *both* sides alive and kicking. And I will be more than happy and honoured to be acknowledged in your pages.

Thank you!


(Picture: Soar at work :-). Picture credits: private source.
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