A book for a puzzle

A book for a puzzle

Win one of my books (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL3iJOoiZ1A) if you solve this puzzle. Send your answers to info@soaring-words.com.

I am very excited for your replies:-) Here it goes:

“We were five. All of us as one, trying to coexist in the best of times. In the worst scenarios it was hard.

One of them was tiring me out. Always. I could resist him for 30 minutes tops. Yet I needed him like a key to the hole of a whole I aspired to in my existence. But I didnt want to just exist. I wanted to live!
Then there was this woman; she looked old, like centuries. No way I could escape her, for she got under my skin…deeply. So I observed her, strict and unrelenting, or else she would break, the essence of my existence.
The other guy, part of my clique, was just too careless and carefree. My very first love and my last one too. With him all the f words sounded just right; deep…in meaning and easy going at the same time. Whichever I would think fit. No blush needed despite my blushy tendency.

Oh, forgive my French, but the next in line betrayed me. She played for a long time the damsel in distress and yes she had me, but all she ever was, was just a pompous face with swaying attitude. Big disappointment, minute loss. Apparently a needed part of the experience to quench my thirst…or search for the ultimate grail of my purpose. What a waste….just common sense my careless guy would say.

And finally, last not by choice but by alignment…of thoughts. Another she. Very similar to me, but I still varied here and there and in the middle. Thank god! For she talked a lot and she could also get loud. Many a time I rode along, but sometimes I just parted. Because she was too much. Yet, when I needed her, my god….fire along! No one could replace her, even if they tried to emulate and even dye their hair just to be like her. I dont know if shes ever been faithful…but I am grateful.
We still are five. In the worst scenarios and the best of times.”

(c) Soar, 2016.

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