Change unchanged


Something changed
on that display
where a grin popped up
on the other side
at the touch screen producing memories
and she gazed in
lost in the Pierian meaning
of a sacred sin.

Something could have changed
though she couldnt tell
the why, the what or how
for she thought love was about remaining
the same
while different in the game
and that, heart by heart
or pixel by pixel,
love would come around.

Had anything been changed
in her versatile ways to indulge
the prescience of deeper senses
and to revere the little things
of all that there was and would have been,
then those grins over time
would have been home to both
if only for the care of their origin.

She looked at the display anew
sunk into the colours of the frolic and the playful
while hiding the dark background of the sacrifice
her main atout
as she chose the third option out of two
only to see it through
and be able to see on that pixelated screen
sentiments, floating between her and him.

Nothing changed
at any time one face reflected the counterpart
with the same mimic of the satisfied
while that mirror called display
furtively immortalized
a zoomed out quiddity
of the unchanged that changed
so that they remain the same.

(July 2016, Soar, Picture courtesy: LePrive)
#poetry, #storytelling, #soar, #soaringwords, #truth, #love, #life, #care.

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