The Undone

Its done, the undone
with a rebound of life
where an unconditional soul
clung between the doings of
sometimes and hope
for no other reason than
the biggest love of all

stared at in silence
judged with no temperance
balmed on the wounds from others
used to enhance confidence
admired at the whims of chance
and stored
in a black box of porcelain

while she got dressed in the scars he had
upon his path
where present turned too easily into past
and future wasnt too much to expect
yet it guided her faith
towards the unknown fate
paid each time with coins of confidence

and there at the layer of patience
melted into the thick fog of recurrence
the undone was impertinently waiting
calling for the nothingness
to rewind the doings of causes and effects,
to obliviate their remembrances
and annihilate all happenings

yet the doings had a secret essence
which rose awareness every night to find
their mate care and to produce delays on the circuits of haste
calling off pride for the aftermath
and adding up uniqueness on the strings of facts
so that the undone could never initiate
and the doings could mend all that was needed

for the magic to perpetuate.

(2016, Soar,, Picture credits: private source.)
#poetry, #storytelling, #soar, #soaringwords, #undone, #doings, #truth, #love, #life.

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