If poetry
were love, fallen for you,
In life’s forms of imperfections and prose
Consumed by probabilities and procrastinations
It would create a plain language up close
To beat reality
And tell you candidly
About the practice of dreams
Or how to safeguard feelings
If only you would?
Let love breathe
Without getting conceited by its atmosphere
Fear not the core of what it bespeaks
Nor stake it at the roulette of fate
For the glimmer of a dime in your hidden sleeve
Let it live
Give chance a chance
Be true to the gift with you as addressee
Say nothing, hold on to its hand
Don’t confer promises, make your word esteemed
Care for it, as if it were innocence
As if it were your vision on happiness
Appreciate the truth of its nakedness
Adore the passion it regales you
Like spring.
And if you still don’t know
Amid deceptive mazes of your years
Between chaotic abysses or perfectionist hills
Beyond dogmas and contriving promiscuities
The better smell or taste
For you to contemplate
If you forgot, lost into spaces and stances
Or are unsure whether you ever met
Love with no pride, attired in respect
Dazzling for you alone
Pause your heart a while, stop wearing out smiles
Bestowed to cajoling butterflies
Which fly with the winds of spotlights and whims
And leave you with “hi’s” of void friendships.
Enrich your senses, unravel yourself
Like the flower
There for you, out of nowhere, yet meant to
For it engendered your meaning
With unconditional beauty
And multiplied your delight
Putting heart in every petal
Blooming to balm the scars of your experience
With its shadows and lost clearances
To bring back to life the hopes
Your nights always dreamed of
To look like your craving thoughts
To smell to your heart like?home
Or her spring into your room.
Let love love you
If only unpoetically
For you already are

(Soar, “Unpoetically”, November 2012, ? www.soaring-words.com. No liability over the picture. Picture credits: White rose, A. Spargo, www.alexandraspargo.com.au/).

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