Love unrehearsed

Can we rehearse love…on the stage of life?

Love unrehearsed

I am the voice of your heart’s silence
Which beats and speaks with passion red your black
Backstage, in the prompt corner of your theatre
Refilled with seats, depleted of devoted audience
For they will soon change glamour to entertain their whims.

Before past ghosts and show mannequins
Amid abundant sceneries and props of noisy nuances
I am the demure protagonist of your unfinished script
Ardently rehearsing the lines of past and of horizon
As I forget the controversial plot and its intrigues.

I missed some quotes a couple of times
And was dismissed in the green room, with faux thespians around
To start anew the role of my existence, still undone,
Watered by your weaknesses, dried with your melody,
While hope would whisper every night your chance will come.

The curtains rise…my turn on stage is still delayed
For you’re concerned with intermissions and new seasons
And cut back the scenes before their time to live.
Yet, I remain, as foil in the soft spot of your trust
With time watching you cast the unpredictable acts.

To spare the story, or just us, you’d rather never see me play
But keep me safe in your reminiscence
A pure endearment, not to adapt in exposed films,
Incepted only for your senses, called on stage by all your fantasies
Hiding away from me realities of cruel scenes.

I reconcile, forgive and grasp your core
Hoping the curtains never fall, before my bloom into your world
My poetry, your song – framings of our embrace
Already run in the cinema of fate, augured by space-and-time’s dice
Which had been cast by life, with the result of us.

And like a loyal purple shade of your own shape
I wish to come to life in the spotlight to say
That I’m no actor, but know like none your breathings’ lines
That on the stage of care, true feelings need no parts
And that my love only recites the home chapter of your heart.

(Soar, December, 7, 2012, ? No liability over the picture. Picture credits: Theatre Drapery Detail, by

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