My breath
And you again, lying beside me
Sharing a bed of sins, without sinning
In an indulgent silence choking smiles and sighs
So strong as the embrace pacifying days and nights
I speak with my hand holding yours close
I love like the last time and the next one to come
We pace ourselves like in a game of chess
With onuses engraved upon a board?s length
Playing with white faith against dark fates.

There, the queen initiates small steps
Of greater length within the realms
While you, the knight, respectful ally
Knocking at my door to shatter the night
When only tears are up
Defend in voiceless fight
The purpose of what we are about
As though the universe had made a pact
On the chessboard and in life
That we remain beside, for the sake of black and white.

How long, how much cannot be quantified
As we shelter in freedom our tide
With wings of hope for reveries
And earthly carpets for the incongruities
The queen will be the last to ever quit
Her passion and trust from the challenge field
For “your love is king”
From their dusk into my dawn
If only for the loyalty and truth
Your essence proves.

We struggle, retreat, continue
Moving in squares to destiny?s rules
Bound to feel more than we can speak
Resting from the pawns of hardships
Displayed mosaically like multi-faced hypocrites
Wherever reality patches dreams.
Tomorrow at dawn we start anew
“It’s just another day”, you say
“It’s a new hope for your smile”,
I think to myself.

And then we part
To battle together on the same side
Same values veiled by different names
Same night above life?s game
Same universe
Which I thank with every move on the chessboard I make
With every spring I bloom and winter I bow to
For giving me the best ally I?ve ever had
My counterpart, my peace, my sense –
Your breath.

(Soar, January 2013. ?, No liability over the picture. Picture credits:

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