Will you forget about me
When newcomers taste desire from your lips
And past sweethearts arouse your senses
With leftovers of bitter-sweet reminiscences?

Will you remember my eyes
In nights with only truth and spirits beside
Trying to grasp the future while running from its sight
In a cajoling present of fleeing faces and dupe smiles?

And will I still mean something
When, maybe, you are mentioned in a melody
While you remained a hero in my poetry
Close within and far beyond reality?

I was the one to redefine honey from forgotten recipes
The only depth to trust and see yourself through me
For I bowed to your soul with my heart’s legacy
And changed the course of life – if only for your beauty

You were my strength of arms
The wisdom to win when reason would lose ground
My favourite song to hear, my best-seller to write
My peace of heart, or what home feels like

It’s not the same old lang syne
Nor just a story to put down or raise up in rhyme
It’s always now and what we’ve been about
In the same visions of love, life, art

Don’t fear the seasons, it cannot snow before it starts to rain
Don’t question fate moving for us people, spaces and time
Breathe gentle out of the memories into my sun
For ghosts of past can’t beat a faithful heart alive

Like nature has to obey sometimes the intemperances
So that she can regenerate through her own grace
I recreate myself from the array of feelings
Like love, still putting flowers at the sill of your meaning.

(Soar, January 2013. ?

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