(Poetical thought)

from the tumult of my life I reach to you and see your scar
It cuts me open and suspends me in your air
Like perfume?s fine particles sprayed into one?s hair
They smell, but are they felt like elixir of fate?
They soothe, yet can you heal with them?
They have no clue of how to bloom ? there is no recipe
They just give off their spring
To make a season of serenity
Into your world of quagmire pillows
Holding idle goals and arrows;
Forgive the fragrance, destined on your path to stay
It?s just some rays entangled in your hair
A woman?s breath caressing your air
Like feathers
Holding your weight with care
Growing into the beauty of you
Or as a quote said:
It?s more about the truth of deeper values.

(Soar, 2013. ?

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