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I never used words to cover my flaws, but rather to reveal my soul.

Yearly Archives: 2013


Chess (POEM) My breath And you again, lying beside me Sharing a bed of sins, without sinning In an indulgent silence choking smiles and sighs So strong as the embrace pacifying days and nights I speak with my hand holding … Continue reading

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625 Children are safe! Thank you for the read!

Together with all of you, through the Mediabook of Love, we helped: – 5 children against the deadly Malaria disease – 620 children against the deadly Tetanus disease THANK YOU for the read! Soar ————————— Mediabook “In the Palms of … Continue reading

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Of Freedom

Of Freedom I am freeing you, my love, from the dew of eyes While I relinquish to future accolades my smiles And hold you with my being reverberating feelings Like the air that pampers wings Soaring above my fall There, … Continue reading

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