Awarded with ?Qindie? ? ?Quality book? created by an independent author (?Indie?), Germany, May 2014.

For the very first time, as an author,

I spent the past year concentrated only on my work and my direct public.
Throughout the year I contacted zero magazines, editors and complied to none of the strict given rules of the literary market.
I was simply ?raw? and ?unabridged? in all my artistic manifestations and my only judges were my readers, whom I trusted with my message.

When my work (Yours, poetically – A compilation of quotes and poems) was done and published, with my own means, uncensored style and free soul, I sent the final result to the whales of the sea, like a dolphin in good hope.

And I got back astonishing results, one of which is truly worth mentioning: the ?Qindie? label, which stands for ?Quality book? created by an independent author (?Indie?).

The Qindie judges are professionals in the industry and the selection criteria are focused on: content, style, overall organisation, layout, accessibility. ?Yours poetically? will bear the ?Qindie? seal from now on and I was granted the ?Qindie Author? title.

I am grateful to all of you who supported me and encouraged me with your ?Likes?, words, downloads, but most importantly with your trust in me and my art.

Thank you for feeling my poetry. You are my ?Quality?!


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