with every smile and frown gazing at my soul,
I try to find new pieces
in my struggle to redefine
the cosy mirror of my eyes
set for so long to show
if only to find when lost
my unconditional truth

but your shards scattered in the composure
become mosaics of playful reflection
as though they were unfaithful replicas
of a carpe diem motto
which dissipate
before the rise of a new tomorrow
and I cant see myself through

changing perspectives and laughing
at my courage of loyal essence,
praising you boldly,
as I fall for your hopes and wear your flaws
so that you dont have to suffer from
imperfection and they wont ever have to know
what I fight and purge in

in order to preserve the best cut
from broken moulds and foggy sceneries
you were left with in reality
before the sun of my visions
that you met
on a platter of trust
while courting destiny with faith

as chance brought me there
along with my care
avowed to you
beyond the limits of compare
and I called you wonderful
while you, glazing my fascination,
showed me from within

so eagerly hidden
that it would smell only to the genuine
and ever since, every time you look at me,
I make sparkles from shards
and cracks become beams
with carpe vita indulgence
so that you remain complete
in the iris of my beliefs – perfect to me,


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Picture Credits: Love-for-Life, By Ryan Woodward.
2015 Soar, www.soaring-words.com

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