you see it one day on a playground
shine in the happy curls of a little girl
who puts smiles in your heart with gestures of
laughter and sheer innocence
transmogrifying your daily choirs into hopes
as you stop to memorize that light
like an invisible good fairy to bless your future mishaps;
you let her play and walk away
hoping for that miracle to be yours one day.

her feline walk and talk is like Egyptian goddesses
not easy to decipher by the unappreciative
nor by the superficial daunted by transparency
shes joyful and romantic in the same card
singing, dancing, wearing sexy with charm
as though its always her prime time
and your smile is the law she abides by
in her playful ways not to win your heart
but to give hers away along with the cake she baked for you last night.

fighting with you like a lioness
for better days and unrelenting justice
with no bargain as to assuring rightfulness
casting away pain with bravery
putting herself back together after the broken and defeated
while still keeping the best part for her king
made out of the strongest and most fragile pearls
engendering miracles to praise your seed and legacy
and wearing the weight of life like a queen.

sometimes the warrior you need is her acumen
as shes the first to compromise and make out of failures
grounds for your new accomplishments
holding the balance of your yin and yang
pouring sympathy, care and strength into your veins
especially on those nights when your hopes are gone
and you remember that sunray seen once on a playground
sculpted in her with all the light shes given you so far
and you cant help, but smile.

Man, if you see her in all her shapes,
dont walk away in fear, doubt or disarray
dont put her down and dont deny her worth
hold on to that wonder on your course

for Feminine is but
a child with hopes bigger than its size
a girl with audacity and tenderness
a woman of a cosmic love and fragility
a mother of ambition and diligence
a grand-mother of wisdom and patience
a soul of harmony and lenience

by your side, always!

Feminine by Soar, soaring-words.com, 2017. Picture credits: private source.

#soar, #soaringwords, #poetry, #womensday, #feminine, #love, #hope.

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