Soul Diary Performances in Amsterdam

These are some of the pieces performed at the #WordUp and #Outspoken Events, in Amsterdam, @Doka Venue:

The letter, The Diary, Ms. Love and Mr. Politics.

Thank you to @Evelina and @Ennio for organizing two great events and to everyone who has been a part of it! Its been an enriching, uplifting experience!


(Also thank you to the boat guy, the Spanish waiter teaching me about Pinchos, while forgetting to charge me 3 euros (!!!) for a small water, the super-big-and-very-serious bouncer who finally smiled, the crazy Moroccan driver who brought me back in one piece, and lastly to my beautiful Berlin friends accompanying all of my curiosities about a city of all possibilities, hidden and displayed, upon conveniences.)

Picture credits: @Colina at @Doka Venue.

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