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Author Interview

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you into writing?

Ive always been a writer, but I never took myself seriously until I had to face a crucial moment in my life when, out of the blue, I came up with a plan for an entire book. Thats how my artistic journey started, about ten years ago. I have developed my writing into poems, story poems and short stories focused on human values, life and positive thinking, while through my Poetry-in-motion concept, I combine imagery, words, sounds and animations to deliver my poetical or lyrical messages.

2: Do you have a favorite time and place for writing?

There are no favorite times and places, no habitual or recurrent necessities; I write only when I feel something intensely or if there is something extraordinary worth sharing with others. Writing is not a need, nor an addiction to me. Its a pleasure, a joy to search for passion and to render various ideas about it. This can happen anywhere, anytime and I am no stranger to awkward moments when I just need to stop and put words or thoughts that struck me in that specific moment down on paper (better said on my phones memos). I am beholden to no formats and themes, but I am always truthful and loyal to my muse.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

Life, people and passion. I love these three elements in my life, as they are incredibly resourceful and interesting to explore. That being said, templates are unwarranted, dogmas need to be destroyed, clichs must be relegated and the magic of individual occurrences becomes somehow part of the universal seed, while we can all relate, collectively or individually, to such sensitivity. And that is beautiful.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

I always write with a purpose, either a veiled message, a vivid opinion, or a solution of some kind to the impasses life sometimes creates throughout its labyrinth. It would be remiss of me to write only for the sake of writing, without sharing anything positive with my readers, without giving something good and hopeful. However, there are no endings and conclusions to my pieces. I prefer a bit of mystery, a touch of suspense and a charm of surprise to guide me during my writings adventure.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

Poetry, story poetry, allegorical tales, all of which parsed with a bit of musicality, are so far the main shapes of my writings. As for the second part of the question, I really have no answer. Ive never paid attention to the form; I only pay attention to words and the weight of their meaning, which is a very important element in my writing, seeing that Ive always been attracted to the complexity of multiple entendres, and the many levels ensued with a few genuine metaphors. I love this adventure to lose myself in the wonderland of words and to discover myself at the end of their purport.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

The characters of Soul Diary are real, simple people, yet so important in my life for various reasons that they become heroes, queens, and kings, undoubtedly exceptional human beings, whom I met by happenstance at significant moments of my life. I would say they play themselves in the book and that is the best and the most fitting cast I can think of. It would be incredible indeed to have all the people in my book literally perform their own part anew, for the sake of artand why not for the sake of the writer who has kept them safe and alive.

7: Do you read much and, if so, who are your favorite authors?

Outside my creative period, I read only recommended novels or contemporary stories, without any favorite name in my mind. But when I write, I un-read, un-follow and un-do any possible influence, book, author. I have been told a few times that my writing is reminiscent of this author or that book (mainly classics, to my surprise), but even then, even though its very flattering, I did not read those books, as I dont want to find myself in the pages of others, but rather in my own lines and through the eyes of my readers: if I enliven in them childhood memories, their first love or even remind them of complete works like Memoirs of a Gheisha or A room with a view, that is an interesting and unexpected outcome for which I am grateful.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

I never read one book at a time. I start several books and read them according to the mood I am in, which could be an advantage in terms of variety, but also a disadvantage in terms of efficiency. Right now, I have about four books that I visit from time to time, in between obvious distractions and other hobbies.

9: What is your favorite book and why?

I used to say that if I were to go to an island, one of the three essential things Id take with me would be Salingers Catcher in the Rye. I used to carry that book wherever I went. Now, after so many years and extraordinary books, I still advocate the same, maybe because of the indelible effect it imprinted on my memory for many years. I guess its like first love; you can never forget it, irrespective of the blessings afterwards.

10: What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming a writer?

To believe in themselves. To never rush for deadlines or run for good impressions. To never adopt styles, trends or themes because they are hot, present or recurrent. To be different and remain different, even against that publishing houses advice. Its not a name defining us; its us defining a name. Writing is something so personal, so intimate and unique that it must be treated likewise and appreciated without compromise or disguises. I was once at a point in my life when I had to make a choice: to be published by an esteemed publishing house, or to continue on my own as a self-published author. I remember them wanting to change my book cover (back then designed at my request by a talented artist) and asking for rights over my own words, my stories, my feelings, my thoughts; so I declined respectfully and went on, without the fame, hoping to still impress in my own way whoever would come to listen. Five years on, I can say I would still make the same choice. As I always say: one touch of life is more than enough purpose to me. And I wish this to be the purpose of all those who are impassioned with, fascinated by or simply besotted with words and their power to bring a smile, root for hope, change a life and make a difference.

11: What are the best social media sites for people to find out about you and your work?


About the Author:
Soar is a member of The Society of Authors (UK) and Poets&Writers (USA). Selected for TIME is Love International video art program, 11th Edition, 2018. Open Competition winner at the Filmpoem Festival in partnership with The Poetry Society, UK, 2017. Selected for final screening at the International Poetry Festival, Europe, 2017.
Publication credits in literary magazines and newspapers in in Germany, Italy, UK, Romania, USA and Australia (Decanto The Poetry Magazine, Enigma, Lastbench, Flash Literary Journal, Women Move the Soul, Indie Spirit Magazine, Mrkische Allgemeine, BW Polyglott BD Magazine, Schwbische Zeitung, Woman@Work Magazine, The Munich Eye, The Berlin Eye, Terpress Urbana, Confluente literare, 600 Second Saga, Ginosko Literary Journal, AntipodeanSF, Indie Berlin, Jazz-dis-junction, The Next Review).
Soar holds a degree in Translation Interpreting and a masters degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. She followed her heart and settled in Germany in 2002, where she presently lives, pursuing her artistic passions. Soar organizes the yearly charity event Love for Children, where every downloaded book at the end of each year goes to the benefit of Child Survival and Development Program.
She lectures and performs poetry and stories on different themes and from fresh perspectives to various artistic events in Europe.

About the Book:
When poetry sets its sails towards the horizon of narrative poems, the land to find can only be fascinating. The author of The trilogy of love and Yours, poetically who lyrically shaped love from the universal elements to time, space and the primordial colours, is now bound to make a pensive stop at the inner values, forgotten in the drawers of innocence, keeping hope pulsing with life. Veiled in genuine happenings, just like a personal journal of relished secrets for the sequel of grand adventures, the stories unravel little things of significant impact, which can change the course of life and restore its harmony, in the immutable belief that we are not what we are but what we become, if we put our faith to work together with destiny, while remaining true to our inner beauty. Special English Edition English edition with multilingual translations in German, Italian and Romanian

Soar Interview (Soul Diary)


December 7, 2018
By SammiReads

Down below is a short biography of Soar, a poet who is about to publish Soul Diary which is a book that targets values from childhood to old age.
Soar is an international artist living in Berlin, the author of five books on the themes of human values, life and positive thinking. She is an open competition winner at the Filmpoem Festival (UK) and her video poems were selected for final screening at the International Poetry Festival (Greece) and at TIME is Love International video art program. She also organizes the charity event Love for Children, where each downloaded book goes to the benefit of Child Survival & Education programs.
The author of ‘The trilogy of love’ and ‘Yours, poetically’ who lyrically shaped love from the universal elements to time, space and the primordial colours, is now bound to make a pensive stop at the inner values, forgotten in the drawers of innocence, keeping hope pulsing with life.

1. Who are you?
I have come to realize that I am best defined by the way I approach three major statements of life: ‘Thank you’, ‘I apologize’, ‘I love you’. The intensity and the truthfulness I use when confronted with them, ultimately define me.

2. When will your new book be published? Where can it be purchased?
We are aiming to publish ‘Soul Diary’ in the period between Christmas and Valentines Day. Not because of cliches, but because we are constantly working on the facets of its complexity in four languages. It definitely feels like publishing four books all at the same time. It will be accessible mainly on my website ( for limited editions, deals and surprises, as well as on Amazon and other digital stores for the standard edition.

3. What inspired you to create this book? Was this book inspired by a personal experience or was it from your imagination?
‘Soul Diary’ stems exclusively from personal experiences, as an authentic exploration of indelible values, irrefutable growth and undaunted enrichment in the shape of story poems, a new form I have approached in my writings, while impressed by its power and musicality.

4. Have you ever experienced writers block while writing this book?
Not really. I take time to decide if I want to write a book and I only start putting it down when its already in my mind, all structured and anxious to come out. Yet, unlike my previous books, I did take a long road to edit it. I think I have idealistic and impractical tendencies in and about my writings. I just dont want them to be out there for the sake of existing. I want them to fulfil their purpose: to touch peoples hearts. That is a very hard endeavour to assure beforehand.

5. Was there anything that was left out after editing?
Yes and no. Some stories were updated, others were added and just one of them was left out. For ‘sentimental reasons’ says the song☺.

6. Do you like to write according to a specific genre? Why?
Lately, I have developed my style and predilection for story poems which to me are just a different attire of poetry, the one that I have been courting for about 10 years. It allows me to delve more into the realms of emotions through extended, more comprehensive narrative with less abstraction.

7. Did you learn anything new writing this book?
This book has so far been the longest project I ever worked on, mainly because of the format but also because of the complexity ensued by four different languages with stylistic aspects and adaptational needs. I think what I have learned is that patience and persistence are very important in such a process. I have also explored in more depth the boundaries between personal, intimate stories and creative work, a very important aspect in my writing. To move a heart requires giving away part of your own, whether it is as a genuine story, personal beliefs or positive feelings.

8. What challenges did you face writing Soul Diary?
The main challenge I have always faced in general, and with this book as well, has been to turn a negative event into a positive story with a sage moral or example to follow or to appreciate. Some of the stories contained in this book come from negative experiences, yet all of them retain the main seed of hope and positive outcomes, even if those outcomes were palpable only after 20 years or on a smaller scale than expected. I never take time to write a sad story, I never allow bad feelings to linger on the pages of my writings and I dont indulge my readers with tears unless they are of joy or pleasant reminiscences. I believe the time is precious and we should make the best of it. I dont have time for superficialities or things without a soul.

9. Are you going to write another book? If so, what are some of the ideas you might use in the next book?
The future is unknown and open to many explorations, including a novel. I have some new ideas already, but for the time being, my entire energy and resources are dedicated to ‘Soul diary’, which is literally a piece of my soul, in the form of story poems. I am excited to share it with everybody in most of the languages that have guided me throughout life: Italian, English, German and Romanian. French would have been a great addition too, but it will have to wait for a future release.

10. Fun side questions:
What plant entices your senses?
Hyacinths are definitely on the top of my list. They are the first to announce the arrival of spring, they look delicate, yet have an incredibly rich perfume (better than any fragrance), they are very easy to look after (they hardly need any water) and are quite affordable (less than a euro). And, of course, who doesnt like white lilies?

Dogs or cats?
When I first came to Berlin, I was surprised to see so many pet lovers, yet 90% of them were single. I made a promise to myself back then that I would never end up like that: single with a pet instead. So I decided to put humans first.☺ Other than that, dogs, please.☺

City or countryside?
Definitely both. I have lived in both circumstances (downtown chaos and countryside boredom) and I know that a combination of the two is the best choice for me. I would like to breathe fresh air when I open my window, but also enjoy the nightlife downtown. I think having a little bit of everything is the best combination for me.

How do you see yourself at 70?
I am a hopeless optimist, which at that age may come in handy☺ I have inherited my fathers hair and my mothers skin so I can trust that I wont need a wig, nor too many wrinkle creams at that age. Moreover, my spirit of adventure never failed me so I can see myself still travelling and discovering the world, in other words: still growing, still learning. And who knows, maybe working on my new release in some cutting-edge futuristic forms, while spoiling my potential grandchildren with too many sweets☺.

Whats your favourite line?
There are so manyfrom Einstein to Bukowski, and why not one of my own quotes posted on Goodreads. But I think one of the best quotes to me, encompassing everything is ‘Always.’

Thanks for joining me with this interview. I hope you learned more about Soar and her works.
Signing out,


U Berlin

Here some excerpts from my short play for the Re-imagining Series, called " Berlin". Thank you to all the beautiful people involved and especially to the warm public! Soar #soar, #soaringwords, #berlin, #artisticevent, #reimaginingseries, #noizefabrik, #berlinevent, #people, #life, #hope.

Soul Diary goes Dublin


While in Dublin, fun and funny is a must. Here just a few impressions: the traffic sense makes you feel out of gravity, the pigeons have been upgraded to the status of seagulls (very romantic during the day, not so romantic at night), people can have a the in front of their name (I want to be called the Soar too :), FiveGuys open a store where you can order no-idea-what, Aristotle looks bad at smart phones, Obama loves Guinness, pooing is a serious issue in museums (with 3D performances), and I performed in an wonderland-house and in an authentic pub where locals sing along a song no one knows the title of. Thank you Dublin!!! (I was told one says: Go raibh maith agat Baile atha cliath!)



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Paris Performance

A few words. A bridge. A bit of kindness. And unexpected magic behind a door of surprises. That’s what me and Paris exchanged. Thank you for the uniqueness!





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Time is in everything. It encapsulates space and completes fates constraints where four seconds earlier or four months later may mean a totally different path of destiny. And dont we wish it had been different! It presides over the doings and the undone with precise irresponsibility. For it never bears one, it just casts its causes and effects upon ourselves to carry for months, years or a lifetime until we are able to heal its irregularities. If we can.

And when we rebel against it, when we dont accept its misfits unto our serenity, when we fight with hope, patience and faith to change those pointers of a clock our way, we still might end up hurt during the process. While it, it never feels contrite.

Time with you has a different dimension, he said to me once. And I didnt understand what he meant back then. For I have loved and hated this notion with the same intensity, every time my car speeded up like a Ferrari to meet him and slowed down like an old carriage after dropping him off to a station. I have strived all my live to cheat on time, disregard it, disrespect it, shrink it and expand it to the expanse of my beliefs that freedom and feelings must interlace unscathed in harmony, without any constriction of time, timings, minutes or other extensions subdued to it. Many times I failed, other times it failed me. And most times my mind wouldnt give up without a fight against its volatile negligence. At least if I fell or hit the wall of hardships, I knew that those bruises were my cause for an outcome worthy of the cause.
They say it takes seven years to change the cells of your body and to get a new one. They also say that seven years of presence in somebodys life is a guaranteed sign of permanence. I guess when they change bodies together with you and they’ve seen all of your atoms, they might as well stay. But time should not define so easily over the frames of fitting. For it’s not the skin-change that matters, it’s what lies beneath. And sometimes one second is enough to know that one mole on a persons hand or a smile right after a kiss will stay for ages, over time and reminiscences.
We have a history, time and me. And I want to believe that its not it writing me, but me writing it. Full of nows, cleaned of nos, spiced with alacrity and dominated by passion in tune with the persistent hope that time itself exists mainly for joys to be lived. I dont want it to linger in the corners of woes and disappointments. I dont relinquish my space in its extent for negative thoughts and intents. In time, weve grown together the habit of coping with one another so that it persists in the shapes I give it when I think of it with intensity, adding fillers of smiles, caring thoughts, and keeping abreast my trust despite its odds.
I am not sure if I have fooled time or it fooled me by making me think I would win in front of it. But there is one thing I am sure of: every time it comes around with its ground rules to challenge me, I give it my best to use it fully so that I make out of those coincidences happenstances and that I can show him, afar or nearby, that he is appreciated.
And who knows, maybe I do fool itor as he says, I make a different dimension out of it.

(Soar,, Picture credits: and Warner Bros. Entertainment, HP Publishing Rights)
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Everything is everything


Message no. 1. Place: Berlin. Time: midnight. Protagonist: he.
Message no. 2. Place: Berlin. Time: midnight. Protagonist: she.


I thought I would write a few words to you. I saw you today and, you looked great, as always.
I thought I would write a few words to you. I saw you today and, you looked wonderful, as always.

I missed you but hugged you with a detached air, turning my cheek away from you. I am sorry I am too weak, or maybe too childish to show you that youre meaningful.
I missed you and I think I hugged you for too long, feeling my cheek redden with embarrassment. I am sorry, but your presence makes me strong and I cant stop my care bursting out with joy.

Your eyes, there’s something about them that makes me too attracted to you. And time, when spent with you, gains a different dimension, making me forget my place in this world.
Your smile, there’s something about it that makes me feel happy. And time, when spent with you, I feel it stops to watch us grow and makes me forget my place in this world.

I feel that you know me so well. You know all the roles I need to play every day, my words, my favourite quotes and my secret flaws more than any other woman in this world. And yet you’re still here and I wonder why I havent sacred you away.
I feel that you know me so well. You know all the roles I need to play every day, my words, my favourite quotes, my secrets and my flaws more than any other man in this world. Thats why I am still here unafraid to explore more, for a great imperfect growth.

You see, my past is full of expectations and abandonment from others.
You see, my past is based on innocence and hope two values Ive kept safe, despite all superficial attempts to hurt and to destroy the essence of my love.

And my future…well, I see myself small and bald in it, and I fear you will leave me for some fancy doctor with shiny teeth. I fear you will abandon me.
And my future…well, I see myself crossing the street holding your hand at 90. As you always guide me when I am lost and you care for my clumsiness. No fancy doctor could take your charm away.

I cant get too close to you and I cant love you…for I dont want to lose you, too. Maybe if I leave this city, it would be better for us both, as we’ll just ignore fate and call it off with an it is what it is quote.
I cant wait to come closer to your dreams, say yes to wishes and have a chance to love you finally. Fate gave us this city but I am willing to leave it for an “it is what we make of it” possibility.

And then time will just give us further chores, buddies to chat about insignificancies, arms to rest our sorrows in, and drinks to forget that we wanted to be loved.
And then time will just smile at our accomplishments, good friends’ company, great little things and travels to enrich our universes. Thats how I see us growing.

I saw you today and you looked amazing, like you always make me feel. I miss hugging you dearly. I think Id better leave this city.
I saw you today and you looked wonderful. I miss hugging you dearly. Lets meet tomorrow in the city.


Two messages intersected in a night at the exact same time when two people confessed each others hearts. While time stood by and smiled.

(Soar, soaring-words. Picture: sameness. Picture credits:

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Luchetti damore


There are two types of love givers: those who give love in exchange for the love they receive and those who give it in the hope that one day it will be requited. The second type is harder as it feels like an expectancy, even though it is richer and more loyal than the former. The former is not an initiative, it is a sheer extension of somebody elses feelings. A reply, a reaction, a smouldered heart. The latter is an engine. An endeavour, despite all odds, not to give up on that marvel which is nurtured only by occasional memories, unbridled passion and daydreaming. It is the inception of love. Unconditionally strong, like a seed in a womb expected to conceive a human after 9 months of diligence. Except that in this case, the 9-month outcome is not guaranteed. Nothing is guaranteed; just the hope that somewhere in the universe karma and other deep notions of unexplainable happenstances and serendipity would grant that love with its fulfilment.

Sometimes, the former, who plays by the rules of give and take with better marketing skills, is happier, sooner. While the latter, who constantly breeds love from the roots of values, with attributes often astray from social constraints while faithful to the individual imprints, remains suspended, undefined, boldly defying the constructs of the human mind. For there are things that the human mind doesnt understand, yet the same things are meant for the heart to fully comprehend.

And then there is the addressee who receives these types of love. Occasionally, life dramas give them both to one, within a complex matrix unable to fix measurements of time. While the two lovers, the sidewalk, with pre-arranged signs, and the lane, faithful to the truth inside, are the ones to make the triangle fit the circle of life. A circle which becomes a spiral, once the dues towards the first have been honoured and consumed, so that the latter can breathe. For, no matter the short shape of one or the long manifest of the other, it is clear that, if the sidewalk gets most of the footsteps, it is the untethered lane bringing out the worth.

While the universe never really stands by, nor is indifferent to wasting undaunted particles of hope, but it conspires with delay and an unhurried delight to safeguard and protect that fight, without protective means bar a bare heart, which keeps the deepest love alive. Hopefully, after nine months, five years or 346 pages, that seed in the womb will be fulfilled. For hope is a good thingand no good thing ever dies. (Shawshank Redemption).

(Picture credits:, Soar,, 2018.)

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That way

She was weak that way. Its what she thought she was. In the way she established priorities with the only logic of loyalty to feelings. In the way she was a renegade to constrictions of time and space impeding her faith. In the way she broke her walls before she remembered to redeem the coupons of reciprocity. In the way she honoured him with truth and her last sweated penny. In the way she crafted art around those eyes and mouth only. In the way she defied his struggles and trembled before his dreams, being there for both, as if they were hers. In the way she pampered the thought of him and felt amazing in his reality.

She was strong that way. Its what he thought she was. In the way he saw her hope even in the darkest spots with blind reasoning and acute sensitivity. In the way little disappointments were tricked with a caring thought or a self-knitted sock to keep his feet warm. In the way he could count on her choice to forget only to forgive moments cheating on serenity. In the way he couldnt see negative outcomes if he looked too long in her eyes. In the way he cared for her pride she gambled only to keep his word safe and maintain the level of trust. In the way he surrounded her with little things, for her moments of silver screen. In the way he knew, every time she was around, that he was wonderful.

She loved that way. Its what she took pride in the most.

(Picture credits: TomNeil-FiveWishes. Soar,

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Distance – a story poem

Same heart. More love. Undoubted hope. Selected for final screening at the Film Poetry Festival and the International Poetry Festival, 2017-2018.

Love for Children – Annual Charity Event by Soar, 2017


Thank you to everyone who stood by my side in my initiative to help children through my poetry in 2017. We did not manage to raise the right amount for the well (sigh), but we purchased schoolbags for children in need of education instead. Words matters. Gestures bring meaning. Love wins.
Thank you so much everyone!

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Soar at “TIME is Love – International video art program”


I am very happy to announce that I will be part of the “TIME is Love Screening – International video art program, 11th Edition (February- December 2018) at galleries, institutions and festivals worldwide.”

This is great news, thank you so much to all those who supported me!

In faith and hope,

Soar Soaring-Words

*”TIME is Love Screening – International video art program – announces the official list of participants of the 11th Edition (2018) at galleries, institutions and festivals worldwide. Time is love screening is a video art cycle that travels to the largest cities in the world exploring the theme of love in difficult times of life. Love stripped of its traditional clichs and timeless idealism. These works address the complexity of human relations regardless of language, individual sensitivity or collective history. The programme proposes a reflection on revolutions, borders and customs in our modern society.”

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Interview for Slam Contemporary Poetry, Italy


An interview for the Slam Contemporary Poetry, Italy.

1) You use different expressive languages such as music, video, writing and poetry. About music, for example, you say “When words are suspended between the past and the future, music is the paramount present”. What are the points of union or contrast among them? Don’t you risk losing your focus in one of them?

Poetry-in-Motion (by Soar) is a project very dear to my heart, meant to intertwine various forms of artistic manifests such as imagery, sound, animation, dance and motion pictures, all with the sole purpose of bringing poetry vividly closer to the audience in a present characterized by speed, variety, versatility and multi-tasking. Its purpose is not to change the essence of my poetical message, which recalls a vintage flair upon the seed of sensibility in an artistic shell, but rather to adapt the form in which such message is to be perceived and hopefully welcomed. I feel that the anchoring from past depths to modern needs is important and prolific.
There is no concrete balance or contrast between the artistic elements I use. They are meant to accompany, guide, succour and harmonize the poetical expression to the point of an intermingled form in unison in order to bring the audience its own personal experience, based on the synergy created with each of them and especially with the whole. While the beauty of it all is when the result is different every time, individually.

2) Can you explain to us what you mean when you say “Words are never enough to express emotions and feelings. Words are static, often in black, unattractive attire upon white thin pages, overloaded with hidden meanings”?

I personally believe that music reaches further than words, undoubtedly because of my hidden passion for music. I often lose myself in it and come back by means of poetry. Its a reversed ongoing process from the starting point to the goal: I search for my own musical shape with the help of words which, once construed within, become in return my essence, attired melodically and transmitted to the world. It is amazing to lose oneself in a form and to find oneself back again under another one; or even better, under a combination of both.
Like previously stated, I sometimes use other elements to help me, such as dance or photography, but essentially it is music and poetry which have had a decisive impact on my work and life.
As to the written form and this quote in particular, words are never enough to convey feelings or emotions. They need their addressees reactions or actions in order to come to life, fulfil their purpose and complete the circle. In that sense, it is the writers task to wrap them in such a way as to awaken individual experiences on both sides, whether lived, relived, or simply enlivened. Words alone are never enough, no matter how savvy they may appear to be.

3) In your Soul diary you deal with topic such as truth, sexuality, love, hope, freedom and elegance. These themes have been continuously addressed in the past. Why this choice?

It is not a choice, it is an as-is status. My literary approach unravels certain themes, keywords or symbols, which recur in my writings as part of my being and beliefs. I included eight keywords and four different forms of art in my upcoming book as short stories with an allegorical touch and a sense of positive teaching or outcome. I have been influenced by them all my life and wish to emphasize, remind of and fight for those forgotten values or little things of worth which can save us from hardships, doubts, dismay or the overwhelming status of our society, constantly refilled with cybernetically enhanced problematics.
Surely these topics have been dealt with in the past, but the point is maybe not to create something new every time, all the time, at the risk of losing ourselves in a void of newness; rather, to go back to the roots and envisage the most important things in life from a different perspective and, from there onwards, to hold on to that essence no matter what the future preserves, for that is the definition of our true selves.
Many readers who approach me to talk about my work dont necessarily confess to have been stimulated towards new adventures, but to have been reminded of the times when they used to be better, do better, love better and they miss that genuine approach to life situations, which sometimes is very simple and achievable if we have the right hope about it.

4) As regard to your poetry, I was impressed by a B. Iliescu’s consideration “You write in a feminine way without falling into feminism”. What’s your goal? What are your most recurring themes?

My main goal was stated many years ago in my article The Prostitution of Writing (2012) and surprisingly enough, despite the growth I have experienced over the years, it has remained the same. “In a world attuned to loneliness and individuality through ever-growing virtual networks and business-framed societies…its not the time to stay obsolete, neither to play confused in a myriad of anti-/neo-/post- trends with contradictory tendencies. Rather, its the time to bring out the best from within, with charm and originality….I will gladly wear colourful miniskirts upon white sheets of settings ensconcing the motion of my emotions, yet I wont prostitute my writing to fit in the stretch outfits of the given industry. A touch of life is more than enough purpose for me. Hopefully.”
As far as feminism is concerned, you can be a feminist, while still being feminine. There are many ways and tools to express a message and fight for a certain goal. Some use riots, strong words, placards or pink pussy hats as symbols. But one can also use different attitudes and approaches like sympathy, empathy, an encouraging language and positivity. I dont want to recall Mother Theresas lenience or Martin Luther Kings passive resistance against violence. Like any human, it is my duty to fight for fairness and, sometimes, being blunt and open is the quickest way to cure injustices. Yet, I feel that our current crusaders are so overwhelmed by bitterness and aggressiveness that adding another drop to a full bucket of harshness and negativity wont change much. Instead, maybe we could make a difference by really being different, despite the trends and the requests. I was often worried that my themes and messages were too soft or not in trend with the world, just to realize from my audience and from time itself that remaining true to ones own expression is a greater value than the one following the hypes. I have never written a poem about a political figure, but I have written many poems about sufferance, hypocrisy, fairness and any other emotions that the socio-political problematics entrench in our everyday life. Maybe my way of addressing such issues is slower and takes longer to grasp, but I am sure the outcome is still colourful and pleasant to reach by those who entrust me with my message.

5) What structure do you use more in your poetry? For example, can you comment on part of your poem “The undone”: Its done, the undone\ with a rebound of life \ where an unconditional soul \ clung between the doings of \ sometimes and hope \ for no other reason than \ the biggest love of all \. Who are your favourite poets?

I dont follow specific writers or trends, even though Sallinger and Prvert are still my favourites. I believe that becoming a writer is not about finding similarities, nor following the same trends, with different accessories. I often un-follow subscriptions and newsfeeds when I want to write about something. When I write I follow, read and am inspired by life, people and passion.
As for the structure, I have always run away from stereotypes and given rules. I think the best reply I can give here is one of my poems, which synthesises how I normally write and structure my pieces.

To make a poem right
all you need is distraction and water
to flow and entangle your thoughts
into drops of feelings
pouring out as if they never existed before
at full speed and intensity
reaching to some sort of confusional awareness
in the bewilderment of the moment
while water runs loose and keeps the noise constant
dragging you along while you try
to stop
something you want to go on
to take over the pre-set logic of the mind
running for the dress code of the metaphors
raw and virgin in your palms
it flows
before you have a chance to put down
or at least to remember
through key words and broken lines
that uniqueness to define
with unabashed focus and stillness of time
a poem, made out right.

6) Are you used to reading poetry at public readings. How important is the voice to poetry? What is the link between a book and an audio book?

I have only been performing poems/reading stories for about two years, so I am still very new to the stage. I always find it fascinating, scary and emotionally charged in a way that it is challenging because its different each time.
I come from a background of book writing and my stories and poems are meant to be intimate messages to be read without being disrupted by waiters, or without needing applause or acclaim.
Needless to say, the mind-set of a reader is different from that of a spectator. In my article The Prostitution of Writing, I tackled this subject and made a not-so-nice comparison between the two. Meanwhile, I grew wiser and more tolerant towards any form of expression, as long as the message is perceived and not taken as some sort of sheer entertaining service. An artist on stage should never have the feeling that he/she is subdued by the audiences whims or expectations. A piece can and should always be adapted to fit the audience, but it should never be transformed to the point of being deprived of the artists truthfulness.
When I started performing my own poems I was worried about such inevitable transformation, yet, now, after more than two years, I am more relieved about the fear of losing my essence in emptied glasses of strong spirits. Now I embrace the live performance as a powerful means and an outlet for all artists who want to be heard and understood at least by their presence, and I would recommend it as a personal experience, regardless of the lack or presence of acting skills.
The voice is also an important asset to the artistic manifest as it reflects ones conviction about the personalized message to emit. If you are not yourself convinced about it, you cannot reach the audience, no matter the given mic, speakers or presence on stage. Because of the nature of my poems/stories, a belligerent or ironic voice doesnt suit me. I dont think its about the strength of the voice or how controversial the subject is. You can perform something about butterflies if you know that you have been professional enough in your research and truthful to your beliefs about them. Many times, I am off topic at events, but at the same time, I have often altered my performance just before going on stage, according to the atmosphere created at the given time of my performance and the people attending the event. I believe its a matter of respect to be aware of the audience with whom you want to connect and interact through your piece and with your presence.

7) Your video poetry “Empire State of Love” (Poetry-in-Motion Project, 2014) synthesises your voice, your poetry and the images. Can you tell us the equilibrium you got, and, in general, what a video poetry is for you?

My Poetry-in-Motion Project was my next step towards my development as a writer and my choice to grow artistically using auxiliary forms of art. As I mentioned in my introduction, it is meant to bring hearts together on more waveforms or rhythms and make poetry more accessible in a demanding and sceptical world, when poetry would most likely be the last resort to solve things with, while still being the one to voice at best the inner side of ourselves, with all the tribulations, fears, courage, doubts and joy.
Empire State of Love was born from an old movie and a vision of the future, while gazing at the world from the emblematic Empire State Building, one of the highest points in New York. It is one of my signature pieces and it expresses the beauty of unconditional feelings, beyond time and space constraints and constructs. It also deals with hope and redemption, amongst other values and virtues, such as loyalty and trust, very dear to my heart and essential in my writings. The animated characters, beautifully designed and animated by two other artists, are meant to be ageless, coloured only by their own emotions, truthful to any situation anywhere in the world and, in this sense, bearer of the universal message of positive feelings, despite the unanimated, metal-like grey scenery. I created it a long time ago and it still defines me as an artist.
Regarding the artistic elements, as I mentioned before, I never follow a pattern in which to combine exact percentages of such elements. Every piece, whether spoken, danced, animated, photographed or just written, needs to fit the intended message, while avoiding excessive expression. Finally, it is simply my wish to connect with my audience on at least one level of communication and the video poetry is an incredible way to reach on many levels. Besides, art through art becomes, in turn, a new form of art and often a stimulation not only for the reader/viewer but also for the writer/artist.
As for the content of my videos/poems, I don’t know exactly what the readers want or expect from me. I am neither a world “saviour” nor a coach/therapist of virtues; nor do I follow gleeful trends or harsh sarcastic tendencies. If the world has become now gothic and realism, I believe it is still important to remind ourselves about renaissance and romanticism, as long as the purpose is to be true to oneself and to others, in respect of life and the beauty of its meaning. We are on this earth not to harm each other, but to learn from one another and to share care and love. There is no “mind” limit to the beats of a heart, and we should never be afraid to listen to it and to make sure it survives. Thank you!

Re-imagining race/ re-imagining us

We need to re-imagine ourselves and the world around us every time social construction and constrictions are set to diminish our hopes and scar our souls. This is my message, or rather what I believe we need to become one. Many thanks to all the beautiful people who helped in the making of my vision! One love, Soar #re-imaginingrace, #reimaginingseries, #noizefabrik, #berlinevent, #soar, #soaringwords, #poetry, #storytelling, #awareness, #culture, #understanding, #dialogue, #equity, #readiness, #togetherness, #listening, #experiences, #information, #openness, #oneness, #hope, #love.

Interview With Romanian-Born Poet SOAR Searching For The Grail Of Happiness


I had the pleasure to be interviewed by one of the coolest art magazines in Berlin and I am more than pleased to share the result with you. Thank you to the editors and their efforts! I hope you will enjoy the read!

SOAR, born in Romania, has travelled extensively and has lived in Berlin since 2002. Shes not content to just write rhyming couplets, but is sworn to help us find the route to happiness. indieRepublik interviewed her.

indieRepublik: Give us five words that most closely describe your literary style.

SOAR: Over time, I came across different attributes from my readers: Classic. Feminine. Refined. Intellectually erotic. Musical. But if I were to choose a word to associate my work with, I would like it to be meaningful. That is what I hope to bring to the world through my creative input.

indieRepublik: Why do you write?

SOAR: Because I believe in people. Because I believe that nothing is what it is but its something that can become if we put faith and work into it, especially if the purpose is worth it. There is nothing more beautiful than sharing feelings, positive emotions, reviving good memories or awakening wishes, especially in the current socio-political context in which we are all entangled. I believe that the message of hope and love should never be silenced, disarrayed, delayed or unsent; and if I evoke a smile or a tear through the manifestation of my literary work, then my message has been reached. A touch of life is more than enough purpose for me.

indieRepublik: Your writing is a lot about love can you describe what you mean when you use the word love?

SOAR: You might regret having asked this question, as I could go on for pagesI know that we, writers, are tempted to write more and easily about anything (especially abstract), but to be honest in the case of love, I do more than I say/write, even though I dedicate a lot of poems and stories to this particular value, more as a reminder of its strength and beauty, rather than a place to metaphorically hide my bashfulness in. I believe love is so important in life, that words alone wont do it justice. I prefer practising it rather than idealizing or theorizing it, because to me it is the greatest purpose of life and undoubtedly the sheer rendering of the word happiness.

indieRepublik: You talk about love as an extra dimension something that one might move through, the same way as you move through time and/or space can you tell us what you mean by that? How you understand it?

SOAR: Within the time-space-love frame, love is a dimension of universal weight and power which influences and reshapes the other two through its subjectively enhanced conventions. Time is modelled, elapsed, constantly compressed and extended by the pace of feelings, while space becomes a mere formality to pinpoint emotions throughout their journey.

When we look back at our lives, from an early age to the wrinkles of senectitude, all that we remember is the intensity of the emotions we experienced through our life which shaped our moments (time), refilling our inner and outer expanses (space). We remember feelings in front of a building or during a particular event in time, we remember words, looks, things engendering emotions, finally we save only the kisses and the hugs which gave worth to our lives. Cinema Paradiso is one of the movies that springs to mind because it mainly synthetizes the shape of happiness in life according to my beliefs.

Nevertheless, love is not the most important ingredient in my writings, although it becomes the grail of happiness to find only if we learn how to appreciate it. The ingredients in my writings are all those small stones that make the solid rock for love against fluctuations and wavering conditions: trust, care, loyalty, friendship, respect, appreciation, hope, especially hope.

Anyone can do the sex, but can they do the rest?

indieRepublik: You also talk about this perspective as through the mirror of love and its core of passion define passion are you talking about physical passion or something more along the lines of The Passions of Christ?

SOAR: I do not deal with anything religious in my work. I leave that task to the priests, ministers and popes By passion, I mean everything that we put into motion to achieve the target of our beliefs through every effort, sacrifice, concession, compassion or unconditional offering of feelings. They all pertain to passion and it would be very superficial to just envisage the physical aspect of it.

Anyone can do the sex, but can they do the rest? For it is the rest that makes the difference. A passionate person to me is never someone who is a good lover. Rather someone who passionately protects all the elements implemented and needed to achieve a goal (in this case love) and to assure its perdurance, from the hardest forgiveness to the hottest expression of love-sharing. The physical spice is the desired plus which completes the harmony. And who doesnt want to have a harmonious relationship?

I take eroticism in potions, I play hide and seek with it and veil it under the expression of my deepest beliefs.

indieRepublik: How does eroticism play into your perspective on love? Does it play an important part in your perspective and/or your work?

SOAR: Yes please, but Never too much (Luther Vandross). I see eroticism like honey accents in culinary arts, the needed and indispensable detail to make the difference on meaningful apparel. Eroticism, just like love, needs to be one-of-a-kind. It is not to be mishandled and misused anywhere, anyhow. I take eroticism in potions, I play hide and seek with it and veil it under the expression of my deepest beliefs. I flirt with it with disguised lust in and through my art. I place it somewhere between palpable reality and fantasized imaginary and allow my reader to make his/her own vision of it so that wonders can ensue.

indieRepublik: And as much as we all love a bit of eroticism, is it there more for the purposes of titillation, or does it play a deeper role?

SOAR: The only deeper role that I see about eroticism, as I said above, is that I consider it unique and therefore it should be used with a needed amount of respect at the right time, with the appropriate poem/story in mind. My muse is always essential in defining its extent. If I were to think at the clichs of it being a means of self-exploration and/or a means to be outside of the comfort zone, it is not something I associate with. Eroticism to me is that plus of a Martini drink (stirred, unspoiled by gin, but served with a lush olive on the side), on a summer day when you gaze into someones eyes, which allows you to appreciate its exquisiteness on a sunset bench, becoming beyond question the most amazing experience to enjoy at fast heartbeats.

I owe to my country the most beautiful values which were genuinely and strongly instilled in me one by one, from the soulful Moldavian romanticism to the righteous Transylvanian acumen.

indieRepublik: You grew up in Romania has this affected your perspective? Do you feel Romanian, or European, or.?

SOAR: I believe I took the best out of my country and I want to believe I honour its quintessence on foreign lands through my entire being. I owe to my country the most beautiful values which were genuinely and strongly instilled in me one by one, from the soulful Moldavian romanticism to the righteous Transylvanian acumen (my family stems from both these regions). Knowing all the time my roots and bearing with me a sense of faithfulness has helped me throughout my exploration years in the European Meccas, without losing myself nor my individuality at any time during the immersion process.

My soul is Romanian, my lifestyle is Italian, my job is German, my passion is French and my heart is English.

However, I cannot say I am 100% Romanian. I have never felt that way either. My dedication for foreign languages and cultures was present at a very early age in my life (at the age of 7, I already knew that my future career would be all about languages) and I have always been attracted to international places and people, the more unknown, the more interesting and worth discovering. If I were to define myself based on the languages and cultures that had an impact on my life I would say that my soul is Romanian, my lifestyle is Italian, my job is German, my passion is French and my heart is English.

Dracula, stray dogs, gypsies

indieRepublik: I think that a lot of Western Europeans dont know much about Romania apart from what they/we see in the media what are we missing?

SOAR: There are some stereotypes, both positive and negative about my country which were gladly exploited by the media in the past decades, especially with the occasion of our integration in the EU: Dracula, stray dogs, gypsies (with all the related confusion between Roma, Romani and Romanian see disambiguation* below), virgin landscapes, hospitality, traditions, tasty food, rich culture.

Yet the first quote that comes to mind about my people is: The Romanian was born poet. We have incredible literature, unfortunately not all translated into other languages and a unique historical and cultural heritage unexplored and unknown on an international scale.

My country is that secret treasure you will be surprised to discover if you venture in search of things that are out of the ordinary. From the sea to the mountains and caves, from the super hospitable peasant sacrificing his best chicken for your dinner, to the sophisticated city life, where you can party all night long, you will find everything you can imagine as versatility and gaiety define us. Give us a chance, you will not regret it.

My country is that secret treasure you will be surprised to discover if you venture in search of things that are out of the ordinary.

indieRepublik: What do you want to achieve with your writing?

SOAR: I integrated this reply in the why do I write question, when I said that a touch of life is more than enough purpose to me. I hardly believe that an artist from any field, passionate about his/her work, would search for fame or material recognition. That would be welcome but its not the goal of transposing ones soul into art to share them with the entire world. Soul needs soul appreciation, which can go from a smile to influencing the course of someones life. It is the reason why I wrap hope and positivity in my writings because thats what I want to achieve in peoples lives should I ever have the power to touch them if only with my words and the practice thereof.

I wrap hope and positivity in my writings because thats what I want to achieve in peoples lives.

indieRepublik: Whats the title of your latest book and where can we find it?

SOAR: My latest book is called Colours of life and it can be found on Amazon or directly through my website

The next book will be my first collection of short stories in a multilingual release and I am very excited about this book, especially because it will be accompanied by a small surprise. I cant wait to share it publicly by this Christmas.

indieRepublik: Closing thoughts / anything else you want to tell us?

SOAR: Thank you for this opportunity to make me part of your great environment. And thank you for putting your efforts into supporting independent artists like myself by creating multiple spaces for our words, actions and visions.

*Disambiguation: Roma = gypsies living throughout Europe and the USA, speaking Romani (an Indo-Aryan language). Romanian = a native or inhabitant of Romania/ the official language spoken in Romania.

Soar is an international poet and storyteller living in Berlin, author of four books on the themes of love, human values, life and positive thinking. Currently a new book and a vinyl are in development, under the project Poetry-in-Motion, by Soar.
The author is a member of the Society of Authors (UK), Poets&Writers (USA) and collaborates with international magazines in Germany, Italy, UK, Romania, USA and Australia (Decanto The Poetry Magazine, Enigma, Lastbench, Flash Literary Journal, Women Move the Soul, Indie Spirit Magazine, Mrkische Allgemeine, BW Polyglott BD Magazine, Schwbische Zeitung, Woman@Work Magazine, The Munich Eye, The Berlin Eye, Terpress Urbana, Confluente literare, 600 Second Saga, Ginosko Literary Journal, AntipodeanSF, Indie Berlin, Jazz-dis-junction, The Next Review). She also organizes the yearly charity event Love for UNICEF, where every downloaded book/poem/story at the end of each year goes to the benefit of Child Survival and Development Program.
Soar graduated from the universities in Romania, France and Germany and she finished her master studies in International Relations and Diplomacy in The United Kingdom. She lectures and performs poetry and stories on different themes and from fresh perspectives to various artistic events in Europe.
Further enquiries and booking for interviews, readings, artistic events:
info (at)

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