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Once upon a spring
There was a young boy who met a girl
On a prairie, just below a Roman milestone
Left by the ancient history to remind of world’s boundaries

Why have you come this way for me?
The boy asked with genuine curiosity
Isn’t it far from your world’s beauties?
There’s nothing around here, except for soothing silences.

And the girl was small, but high in hopes
With rounded eyes and a melodic heart
She took his hand and kissed his sweat
Murmuring faith to him, as if she knew him for eternity

I’ve come to show you two big eyes
So that you won’t forget the depths of the blue sea
When deserts try to choke your water yields
And leave you thirsty of life’s prerogatives

I’ve come to give you a hand to hold
So that you can cross earthy territories
And search for sunny clearings to shelter your heartbeats
To rest upon the clouds of your own dreams

I’ve come to have you feel my soul
It’s what a mother, sister or true lover would bestow
On you so that you grow strong in hopes and marvel at love
Treasuring you with warmth when the world grows cold.

The boy listened to her quietly
Trying to catch her answers in the swirl of his wishes
And then he approached his heart a little closer:
Will you hang around? Why do you have to leave?

I can not stay when the sun subsides, she said
I love the earth, but it keeps cold at night
I shelter my body’s heart in the warmth of the sun
It’s there where true feelings never die

But I’ll be back again
As soon as the sun defeats the moon
And your heart would miss the colours of the sea
Or just one spring amid the earthy sceneries

And so she had to leave
But gave him a pearl from the deepness of the sea
Taking with her the roots of his precious memory
And hoping for the sun to win within

There is a quiet place at the world’s boundaries
A place where miracles and realities intertwine
A place where whys would turn into wows
A place to always return for a boy’s heart shaped from a girl’s eyes.

(23rd April, 2011. Occasion: World Book Day. All rights reserved. www.soaring-words.com)

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