“Smiles” in the Literature Section of the BD? Federal Association Magazine

On the occasion of a literature project contest, the Poem “Smiles” has been published in the Literature Section of the BD? Federal Association Magazine (1st July, 2011 issue). Thank you BD? Germany for saving a small space to the beauty of feelings and values!


You see smiles pass by, sojourners of your life
Some stop to dazzle your train, fogging the station of your feelings
Others join your path, brightening the pavement to your stars
Yet just a few per lifetime will reflect the meaning of your heart

And despite human reasoning to expect so that you can give
You keep your soul na?ve and share without prerequisites
One smile of solace, then two for care, three — for the deepest feeling
You lose too much, yet you will win, heading towards the dawn of dreams

But here it comes, as if from an outdated track, the smile that changes your life
Replete with d?j?-vu and tempting mysteries alike
You stop your life, eyes closed on an open soul, feeling it to the core
You strum and drum with all you hold within the purpose of its melodies

Yet, was it him reflecting you, or rather you reflecting him?
When your heart speaks its sways to him, is that a weakness or a virtue?
On the new track, you blithely steer an ad-hominem reasoning
You live one smile alone, amid the same collage of love — weaving destinies.

(April 2011, Soar. All rights reserved)

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