Reflections of Bodensee

Reflections of Bodensee

There is a place where water kisses the earth
Cushioning with faith white streams upon earthly sheets
It’s where space hails from no form
While time stands still in awe holding on to the universe

It’s a body whose limbs embrace three ancient meanings
Coming to life from ice, on a silken bed of giant alps
Unbinding the borders of unified complexity
Through a flamboyant communication means

Antiquity named it by its deeds
Stemming from castra, chivalry and masculinity
Audacious bod, brandishing eagles and dragons? coats-of-arms
While lying bashfully subdued to nature’s depicting attributes

From its heart of an island in bloom
To its surface mirroring stilt houses or flying balloons
Sweet apples and wine remind sojourners of its taste
While it feels like sun, beyond its canvass of Mediterranean hues

And when it represents traditions and cutting edge feelings
Amid three kisses, a hand-shake or a smiling servus
It’s the culturally attired melting pot, flavoured in European style
To explore so that one can learn, to adopt so that one can love

And so its shores beholding hopes and dreams
At the threshold where reality sets sails to explore fantasies
Are the immutable purveyor of waves humanly entwined
Carrying upon their crystalline beliefs the sequel of life.

[Author’s note: Bod = antique German word meaning “messenger”.]
(August, 2011. All rights reserved. Picture Credits: Klaus M?ller, Bodensee at Dawn)

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  1. Klaus says:

    very touching …

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