Somewhere where space forgot its trace
Where realities and fantasies intertwine
And where whys would turn into wows
There reigns an orchid in full bloom
At the windowsill of life

She’s white and begets scented sprouts
Balming the weather’s sunset and sunrise
Like a loyal soldier in pure armour of trust
Keeping a love safe from the outer harm
With the only seed of care germinated inside

Her utmost view is a wooden bed of silence
Which her perfume wraps in reverberating hues
His shape ensconcing warmth to emanate
Whenever feelings would be embraced
By immersed meanings in their plain eloquence

And when the day falls in love with the night stars
The scented white turns into blush
For there a girl would kiss a boy in tears
To purify with love reality’s charred marks
To endow his eyes with her soul’s values

Above a fading scenery where time loses its track
Life constantly rewinds its antiquated wheel
To a forwarded point of the same crystalline feelings
Where an orchid rests her dreams upon a silken bed
Giving her blossom’s breath to scent the universe.

(December, 2011. All rights reserved. Picture Credits: Samantha Lockwood,

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