?, Berlin

?, Berlin

Vastness of cosmopolitan weaving over marshy sceneries
Gathered in eclectic clusters of styles and tendencies
You’re like a poor chic chameleon, arduous to adapt and diversify
As soon as the onerous time passes you by with its spotlight.

Populous and popular in theme
Engraved by an unsettled history over 3 million heartbeats
They seem to have forgotten your etymology
Replaced by a hugging bear at your Ishtar gate of Greek virtues.

Yet, despite history’s reminiscence or geographical cachet
Of twelve downtowns, fashioned from castles to Plattenbau
Your highlights are of human vintage, shimmered by glamour names
Or smouldered by unknown, bright juvenescent faces.

For you’re the city of Marlene, exhibiting a lot of Marilyn
Of high-avenue puppets against low-street mannequins
The big screen projecting Hollywoodian reveries
Directed with scripts or impromptus to bejewel the stage of reality.

An idiosyncratic array imbues in colours all your limbs
But where lies the core of your luminescence?
Is it the novel high-tech Platz, the bourgeois play with lime-tree scents,
Or maybe the Turm Square film, seizing all social marks under one plot?

The moonlit scene timelessly fumbles for your seed of passion
You, city of arts, motions, carnivals and cultures
Where the millions of eyes perceiving you with peregrine curiosity
Don’t feel for the blue print, rather live the pixels of your images.

In this amphitheatre of directors, visitors and smiling actors
During the intermission, your lens may capture just one sparkle
Two eyes’ close-up — one love up close, from the path of fate into your cityscape
Meant to portray a faithful time-lapse glow which will perpetuate

Your seed, your universe.

(?, Berlin, Soar, June 2012. ? www.soaring-words.com, Picture: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Picture credits: www.wikipedia.org.)

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