It?s a she disguised in beauty
walking around stealing the destinies
of innocence
who never learned to safeguard dreams
while she has refined techniques of blandishment
smiling, to the ridicule of senses,
and then she turns and whispers to her white sister:
?You can always count on me?;
when she?d already planned to choke her meaning
with innuendo fragrances
like cheap accessories, dangling
on the scenes she is directing
to convince the public of her majesty
over the small girl
still needing to grow,
choosing not to sell away her soul
for the victory of the glow.
The girl will hardly have a chance to win
there, where she stirs meanders of prettiness
for they don?t stop to ponder on the deepness
which she – the smile masking wrinkles-
hides in frustration, feeding herself
with their strengths and weaknesses
playing it low for higher games
turning the truth to her convenience.
You, who still search for peacefulness
by the lake of complex faces
had better let her lose;
a forged ally
with puppy-like yeses and likes
is never the good approach in life
when your eyes need to see the other side
and your heart to learn
from the wrongs to mend into right
with the love wings fate blessed you with
yet she cut off from your sky
and called them inappropriate
while you were asleep at night.
Sometimes it?s better to be one
than two, with hypocrisy
in broad smiles by your side.

(July 2013, ? Soar. Picture credits: Giulia Marongiu)

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