Soar Interview (Soul Diary)

December 7, 2018
By SammiReads

Down below is a short biography of Soar, a poet who is about to publish Soul Diary which is a book that targets values from childhood to old age.
Soar is an international artist living in Berlin, the author of five books on the themes of human values, life and positive thinking. She is an open competition winner at the Filmpoem Festival (UK) and her video poems were selected for final screening at the International Poetry Festival (Greece) and at TIME is Love International video art program. She also organizes the charity event Love for Children, where each downloaded book goes to the benefit of Child Survival & Education programs.
The author of ‘The trilogy of love’ and ‘Yours, poetically’ who lyrically shaped love from the universal elements to time, space and the primordial colours, is now bound to make a pensive stop at the inner values, forgotten in the drawers of innocence, keeping hope pulsing with life.

1. Who are you?
I have come to realize that I am best defined by the way I approach three major statements of life: ‘Thank you’, ‘I apologize’, ‘I love you’. The intensity and the truthfulness I use when confronted with them, ultimately define me.

2. When will your new book be published? Where can it be purchased?
We are aiming to publish ‘Soul Diary’ in the period between Christmas and Valentines Day. Not because of cliches, but because we are constantly working on the facets of its complexity in four languages. It definitely feels like publishing four books all at the same time. It will be accessible mainly on my website ( for limited editions, deals and surprises, as well as on Amazon and other digital stores for the standard edition.

3. What inspired you to create this book? Was this book inspired by a personal experience or was it from your imagination?
‘Soul Diary’ stems exclusively from personal experiences, as an authentic exploration of indelible values, irrefutable growth and undaunted enrichment in the shape of story poems, a new form I have approached in my writings, while impressed by its power and musicality.

4. Have you ever experienced writers block while writing this book?
Not really. I take time to decide if I want to write a book and I only start putting it down when its already in my mind, all structured and anxious to come out. Yet, unlike my previous books, I did take a long road to edit it. I think I have idealistic and impractical tendencies in and about my writings. I just dont want them to be out there for the sake of existing. I want them to fulfil their purpose: to touch peoples hearts. That is a very hard endeavour to assure beforehand.

5. Was there anything that was left out after editing?
Yes and no. Some stories were updated, others were added and just one of them was left out. For ‘sentimental reasons’ says the song☺.

6. Do you like to write according to a specific genre? Why?
Lately, I have developed my style and predilection for story poems which to me are just a different attire of poetry, the one that I have been courting for about 10 years. It allows me to delve more into the realms of emotions through extended, more comprehensive narrative with less abstraction.

7. Did you learn anything new writing this book?
This book has so far been the longest project I ever worked on, mainly because of the format but also because of the complexity ensued by four different languages with stylistic aspects and adaptational needs. I think what I have learned is that patience and persistence are very important in such a process. I have also explored in more depth the boundaries between personal, intimate stories and creative work, a very important aspect in my writing. To move a heart requires giving away part of your own, whether it is as a genuine story, personal beliefs or positive feelings.

8. What challenges did you face writing Soul Diary?
The main challenge I have always faced in general, and with this book as well, has been to turn a negative event into a positive story with a sage moral or example to follow or to appreciate. Some of the stories contained in this book come from negative experiences, yet all of them retain the main seed of hope and positive outcomes, even if those outcomes were palpable only after 20 years or on a smaller scale than expected. I never take time to write a sad story, I never allow bad feelings to linger on the pages of my writings and I dont indulge my readers with tears unless they are of joy or pleasant reminiscences. I believe the time is precious and we should make the best of it. I dont have time for superficialities or things without a soul.

9. Are you going to write another book? If so, what are some of the ideas you might use in the next book?
The future is unknown and open to many explorations, including a novel. I have some new ideas already, but for the time being, my entire energy and resources are dedicated to ‘Soul diary’, which is literally a piece of my soul, in the form of story poems. I am excited to share it with everybody in most of the languages that have guided me throughout life: Italian, English, German and Romanian. French would have been a great addition too, but it will have to wait for a future release.

10. Fun side questions:
What plant entices your senses?
Hyacinths are definitely on the top of my list. They are the first to announce the arrival of spring, they look delicate, yet have an incredibly rich perfume (better than any fragrance), they are very easy to look after (they hardly need any water) and are quite affordable (less than a euro). And, of course, who doesnt like white lilies?

Dogs or cats?
When I first came to Berlin, I was surprised to see so many pet lovers, yet 90% of them were single. I made a promise to myself back then that I would never end up like that: single with a pet instead. So I decided to put humans first.☺ Other than that, dogs, please.☺

City or countryside?
Definitely both. I have lived in both circumstances (downtown chaos and countryside boredom) and I know that a combination of the two is the best choice for me. I would like to breathe fresh air when I open my window, but also enjoy the nightlife downtown. I think having a little bit of everything is the best combination for me.

How do you see yourself at 70?
I am a hopeless optimist, which at that age may come in handy☺ I have inherited my fathers hair and my mothers skin so I can trust that I wont need a wig, nor too many wrinkle creams at that age. Moreover, my spirit of adventure never failed me so I can see myself still travelling and discovering the world, in other words: still growing, still learning. And who knows, maybe working on my new release in some cutting-edge futuristic forms, while spoiling my potential grandchildren with too many sweets☺.

Whats your favourite line?
There are so manyfrom Einstein to Bukowski, and why not one of my own quotes posted on Goodreads. But I think one of the best quotes to me, encompassing everything is ‘Always.’

Thanks for joining me with this interview. I hope you learned more about Soar and her works.
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