Colours of Love

Colours of Love


I was lying between heart paces
On the maze of sonic memories
When your eyes up close rendered sublime my senses
Like perfumes of blossoms over butterfly wings
And then, I followed.

Where to start, should I utter any sound?
Did it ever stop, your projection on my heart?
You’re here as if you were never gone
And it’s still running…Hollywood.

I was once on your big screen
Your unrelenting right-hand spotlight
Cosy and warm to touch
Passion-red in heart
Like in a purple prose of life

Now I’m still your right hand beam
Only the light turned blue
Behind the meddling curtain of trust
True and deeper than a reverie

It plays the same enticing notes
The music that your soul reverberates
The show and public always change
Like foils who fancy their hero’s traits
Escaping your essence – the one I save

You, like a close-up of my blueprint
Holding my chroma in your own film
Searching for orange imprints on the stage
Where the lights turn into purple-grey and fade

The show endorses lights and fumes
Hues blend in surreal flashes of fame
Your demeanour acts in the given game
While I praise the tainted canvas of blue-red
For your clef?feels the same

Beyond a conundrum setting of cinema and truth
You reign where the sun kisses the rain
Showing my eyes alone the rainbow of why
I paint in love your portrait.

(Soar, January, 2013, ? No liability over the picture. Picture credits:

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