LOVE for Children

Marking a positive, concrete and indelible imprint of social and humane value to artistic expressions Continue reading

LOVE for Children was incepted with the sole purpose to mark a positive, concrete and indelible imprint of social and humane value to the artistic expressions under this project. Whether under the form of downloaded books, charitable events or socially engaged initiatives, the proceeds go to the benefit of Child survival and development programs. Together we have succeeded so far:
2012: Medication and vaccines saving 625 children against malaria and Tetanus diseases
2013: Study books for children of two primary school classes
2014: Micronutrients (iodine, iron, vitamins and zinc) to fortify childrens immune system, their health and development.
2015: Surprise packages via meant to help children in need
2016: Crisis packages via for children in emergency situations
2017: Schoolbags for children in need of education.
2018: Crisis packages with food and water purifiers to fight against malnutrition and water inaccessibility.
2019: Building of a well to assure fresh water in a disadvantaged village of 500 people.

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This is a non-profit project that relies substantially on donations. Any support and donations are welcome via PayPal: or via our Contact page. Thank you for enhancing the world with hope and love!

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