The SaC Masterclass Series

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Our SaC Masterclass Series are meant for artists, art enthusiasts, academic students, scholars and professionals willing to develop and grow in various fields like creative writing, dancing, instrument learning, language tutoring, meditation or individual coaching. We have the professional skills to offer tutoring, coaching or a combination of both strategies to individuals, small groups or institutions. Coaching is the ability to work on efficient strategies in order to overcome blockages and barriers and to gain the right confidence in one’s inner voice and the expression thereof.

The SaC Masterclass on Creative Writing
Creative writing is the best channel to stimulate, hone and enhance dormant intrinsic skills towards self-determination, positive choices and self-empowerment. Guided by trained artists with international presence, the creative writing masterclasses are led online or in stimulating indoor/outdoor environments, and focus on writing and performance techniques and approaches in a pleasant and interactive manner. The participants will learn how to find or develop their own voice and enable thought-provoking pieces of writing. They will finally have a chance to perform their own pieces to one of our live or online events alongside established performers, such as published poets and acclaimed storytellers.

Contact us at: for more information to this regard. For specific information, please check:
SaC Masterclass on Creative Writing for 2021: Season 1 2021
SaC Masterclass on Creative Writing for 2022Season 2 2022

This is a non-profit project that relies substantially on donations. Any support and donations are welcome via PayPal: or via our Contact page. Check out our GoogleCalendar and join for updates:
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