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In an ongoing digitalized and uniform society, the demand for singular, unique releases in printed form has increased, combined with a lack of professionalism in offering quality services to this regard. Under Soul and the City’s umbrella, we offer a complete array of bespoke services from consultancy, pre-editing, editing, cover design, layout structuring, post-editing, production, up to the post-production stage, like advertising, marketing and communication via social media channels. From the foundation to the top, we tailor our services to the needs of those wordsmiths who take their passion seriously and want to make a permanent, indelible difference. One of our core projects of such amplitude is our “Worldwide Anthology” – A Curated Selection of Poetry and Spoken Word, encompassing 30 countries and 6 continents, 40 diversities, 135.000 characters and 22.500 feelings (i.e. words), all gathered in an unparalleled result of hard work and professionalism. You can check our Anthology here and order your copy via our contact page.

If you are interested in our publishing services, contact us at: for more information to this regard.

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