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Whether you are enjoying the flow and stillness of nature or wandering about the mundane or buzzing city, Poetry-To-Go is your best companion for introspection, relaxation, exploration, positivity and fun.
This audible journey encompassing six story poems based on six different themes of identity, love, politics, cities, time and life will accompany and stimulate both the intellect and the visceral thinking in their organic relationship, while enjoying the surroundings and the personal experiences.
An initiative by SaC. Curated and edited by Soar. Soar is an author, public speaker, social innovator and award-winner of: Filmpoem OpenCompetition (PoetrySociety, UK), PoetryFest (Greece) and TIME is Love (France).

For direct download to you laptop, iphone or android in mp3 format: Download. Contact us at: info@soaring-words.com for more information to this regard.

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