U18 Spoken Word

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A poetry and creative writing workshop developed for schools and high-schools (8th- 11th grades) to stimulate and enhance students’ creativity and imagination as well as their learning and academic skills through the development of: vocabulary, free speech, memory, focus, research praxis, time management, organisation, strategy development, as well as group work, introspection, self-identity, self-accomplishment. The syllabus will comprise a combination of learning, listening, writing and reading activities, as well as individual research, detection, analysis, creation, editing, cross-work, practice and presentation of original texts. The class will consist of 1/3 of theoretical aspects and 2/3 of practical exercises. From time to time, international authors, wordsmiths and field savvies will join the classes as guests.

For booking us to your school and for more information on the syllabus and on the theoretical and practical approaches of this course, please contact us at: info@soaring-words.com.

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