Podcast Series, 1st Episode: Foreign, Black, Dumplings and Prague – Summer Edition

We are debuting with our first episode of the podcast series: Foreign, Black, Dumplings and Prague – Summer Edition Continue reading

Welcome to our Soul and the City Podcast Series! The SaC Podcast is a community podcast which endeavours to debunk city lifestyle stereotypes, make artistic strolls with fun, one city at a time, but more importantly absorb, dissect, reflect and empower socially aware international dialogue, together with local wordsmiths, event organizers, witty artists and art enthusiasts.

We are debuting with the first episode of our podcast series:

Foreign, Black, Dumplings and Prague – Summer Edition. Enjoy!

Youtube watching option: https://youtu.be/ePCqu-SWtgc

In this Episode:

01:02 Intro by the hosts: Soar and Daniel
02:35 Historical intro of Prague
05:05 Introducing the guests of the show
06:45 Demographics of Prague
07:30 Fedorah on being foreign and black in Prague
12:40 Vojtec on audiences and music production
16:35 Ryan on his experience as a British expat in Prague and on artistic outlets.
22:17 Marko on his experience as a French expat and event organizer in Prague
28:30 Daniel on event dynamics, interactions and flow
30:08 Collaborating with Czech communities
31:28 The things that we would miss about Prague, i.e. the fun things of Prague
35:05 The dumplings of Prague; food experiences
38:00 Flexibility and relationship with authorities. The Czech mentality
40:00 The place to be in Prague
50:10 Why Prague
54:00 The Prague Police and the Black Lives Matter movement
55:50 Acting and film making opportunities
57:12 The best craziest experience in Prague
1:02 Prague and the LGBTQ+ community, the Equal Justice Initiative event
1:07 The role of artistic events
1:10 Current projects in Prague
1:16 Charles Bridge


———- (c) A production by Soul and the City, 2021. SaC is an international undertaking aiming to explore, stimulate and promote socially engaged multicultural dialogues through artistic, educational and entertaining projects worldwide. Music track credits: by pixabay.

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